Pampers Sensitive Wipes Review

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One of the baby essentials that I can’t live without – baby wipes. It is every mom’s life-saver. And I am happy that there is a new addition to Pampers family : Pampers Sensitive Wipes. And it is now available in all leading supermarkets here in the Philippines! Yayyy…


Why Pampers Sensitive Wipes is MrsEnero Approved?

  • Most of baby wipes have alcohol, parabens and other unnecessary ingredients that can potentially harm baby’s skin. Pampers Sensitive Wipes is made without ethanol or drying alcohol. It is free from harmful chemicals like  phenoxyethanil, parabens and perfume.


  • Clinically proven gentle to our baby’s skin. It is extra soft wipes. It is as mild as washcloth and water.
  • Hypoallergenic, PH-balanced and dermatologically tested to ensure that it is safe for our babies. It is so gentle that I can use it anywhere on my baby’s body.


  • Pampers Sensitive wipes is ultra thick. I love that it is both so soft yet thick enough to clean up all the mess. I can only use two to three wipes in cleaning big messes.



  • Durable.  In order to test how strong and durable the New Pampers Sensitive Wipes is, I have conducted an actual test. I have tried to stretch both wipes. The brand X (left) easily teared apart compared to Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Ang galing!  It is durable enough to clean up the messiest baby during diaper change time.

brand X vs Pampers Sensitive wipes durability test result


Brand X wipes


Pampers Sensitive wipes

Watch my Pampers Sensitive Wipes Review for my actual wipes test on the Vlog :

Pampers Sensitive Wipes is now available in all leading supermarkets in the Philippines. Go try it yourself and share your #LoveAtFirstWipe experience on the comment section. Follow Pampers on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Rein

    Would really love to try this Pampers Wipes, thanks for sharing us your reviews mommy Angel, really make us more interested about this product 😍❤ Will buy this agad as soon as it is available na sa supermarket near us 😊💕

  2. Amber

    These sound like great wipes. We’ve always liked the Pampers brand. I’m not surprised they held up so well.

  3. Tara Pittman (@momknowsbest15)

    These sound like good wipes. I need to get some for my grandbaby and the future grandbaby that is due in July

  4. Passion Piece

    This looks like a perfect product compared to others. I’ll recommend it to my friend who will become a mom soon! 🙂

  5. Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog)

    Oh those sounds like wonderful wipes. I don’t really have friends with babies but I’ll be sure to pin this post for my readers.

  6. Lisa @ Midwest Glam

    I relied on baby wipes for so much when my son was just a baby. These look so much more durable than other brands.

  7. blancanvalbuena

    These sound awesome. I don’t have babies, but these sound perfect for cleaning my face at night. I’ll have to see what retaliers in my area carry them.

  8. Scott Gombar

    I am glad I am past the diaper stage with my kids but I now have a grandson so I will share with my daughter.

  9. Joanna

    I like that you did a durability test to compare how good these wipes are. I don’t have children but baby wipes are always useful in the house.

  10. Marie

    I always used to use Huggies wipes because they were about 3-4 times thicker than all the other brands. Maybe Pampers has improved now, especially with the test you performed with the brand x ones above.

  11. The In-between Moms

    I love Pampers sensitive wipes! I prefer anything that’s specially made for sensitive skin.

  12. Cindy Nico

    I don’t have small children they are all grown but I still keep wipes in the home all the time. Pampers have always been my favorite !!

  13. momi berlin

    always believe in Pampers thus it follows that i also try its new products. as per their new wipes, i love it that they spend time and resources to research and test the product.


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