There are several things you should be looking for when shopping for shoes for your baby or infant. And as for me, because baby Luffy isn’t walking yet, my concerns for now are comfort and style. Let me share with you my new #MrsEneroFinds : Fisher Price soft shoes.

Why Fisher Price Soft Shoes are MrsEnero Approved?

  • Comfortable. For me, this is the most important thing to consider when buying baby and toddler shoes. Fisher Price soft shoes have memory foam insole, that  provides support and comfort on their little feet. 

  • Durable. Fisher Price soft shoes are made with high-quality materials that it made to last. It has real-stitched outsole making it durable – definitely worth every single peso. 

  • Safe. Fisher Price soft shoes are safe for babies and toddlers. It has flexible heel support that ensures safety most especially for babies whose starting to stand and walk. Flexible heel support also promotes coordination and natural muscular development.

  • Trendy. When it comes to baby shoes, I prefer slip-on shoes for convenience’s sake, mostly once the baby starts  crawl, it can  quickly take the shoes on and off and quickly adjust how tight they are to accommodate a growing foot. And I love that Fisher Price has many stylish shoes for babies and toddlers, whether its slip-on, lace-up or velcro shoes.

  • Affordable. Fisher Price soft shoes are made with high-quality materials and yet, affordable. I’m one happy mama, finding quality and safety shoes at low-cost price.
  • Trusted brand. Fisher Price is known for more than 80 years to provide safe products for children. And I am happy that they are expanding their brands. I’m so glad to know about Fisher Price soft shoes.

Here’s my Fisher Price soft shoes unboxing video :

Fisher Price baby essentials and toys are available online at Kids Company. For promos and updates : Follow FisherPriceSea on Facebook and RichwellClubPH on Facebook and Instagram. Fisher-Price shoes are also available at the SM Department Store’s Children’s Shoes Section.

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