Babies are learning new skills every day,  and the best toys for them are developmental toys for them to learn attention, hand-eye coordination and other motor skills. Luffy is now 5-month old and he’s starting to reach and grasp toys.  This is the stage wherein babies are relying on their senses to navigate around the new world around them. Fisher Price offers the best developmental toys for babies at every age and stages.

And if you’re looking for a best baby gift, I highly recommend this Fisher Price Tiny Take-Alongs Gift Set. Fisher Price Tiny Take-Alongs Gift Set includes mini versions of our favorite Fisher-Price toys such as  Puppy Pal Clackers, Corn Popper Rattle, Roly Poly Chime Ball, Rock-A-Stack Clacker and Happy Apple Teether and Crinkle Camera Mirror.

Why Fisher Price Soft Shoes are MrsEnero Approved?


  • Travel toys. They are on-the-go toys, the Rock-A-Stack Clacker, Roly Poly Chime Ball and Happy Apple Teether has links that can be attached to a  stroller or diaper bag for on-the-go playtime.
  • Safe and durable. I grew up playing with Fisher Price toys and so I trusted Fisher Price when it comes to the quality of products they are making.


Fisher Price Crinkle Camera Mirror


Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball


Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack Clacker


Fisher Price Puppy Pal Clackers


Fisher Price Corn Popper Rattle


Fisher Price Happy Apple Teether

  • Educational. These toys develop motor skills of babies. The bright colors, sounds  and textures  help stimulate baby’s senses.
  • Designed for babies . Easy-grasp handles are designed to  fit our little one’s hands.

My little man busy playing with his new toys


Luffy’s favorite : Fisher-Price Crinkle Camera Mirror

Here’s my Fisher Price Fisher Price Tiny Take-Alongs Gift Set  unboxing video :

Fisher Price baby essentials and toys are available online at Kids Company. For promos and updates : Follow FisherPriceSea on Facebook and RichwellClubPH on Facebook and Instagram.

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