Do you have a baby shower coming up soon and are you wondering what thoughtful baby shower gift the dad- and mom-to-be will really appreciate? Find a baby gift—one that’s thoughtful, unique and useful for your friend and of course, for the baby. No idea yet? No worries, I got your back.

September is a Baby Shower Month, timely, I will be posting the best baby shower gift ideas that will help you.  Last August, I had my DIY baby shower with “rainy shower” theme. Sakto naman dahil binabagyo tayo nun’ hehe. I will have a separate post for my DIY baby shower, hopefully before #littleEnero pops out.

Below is a list of best baby shower gifts :

  1. Practical gifts.
  • Baby accessories – This includes feeding bottles, silicone nipples, soothers & teethers, weaning set, training cups and other baby accessories.

And just a few months ago, a new baby brand from Thailand was launched here in the Philippines – PUR Baby Brands. Definitely PURe love for our babies.

PUR advanced feeding bottles resemble the mother’s nipple making it easier to alternate between feeding and bottle feeding.  IIt also has an advanced Pro-Flo Technology, it is a unique Anti-colic baby feeding bottle valve system with in-built air chamber allowing a balance flow of liquid with a minimum sunction effort. It is helping to reduce tummy troubles.

Pur products are BPA FREE. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins. Their products are also printed with food grade and non-toxic ink.

Indeed simply the best for our baby, PUre love. To know more about their products, follow PUR Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Bamboo Swaddle with Hood and Bamboo Pillow

Iflin Baby PH products are made from 70% bamboo fibers and 30% cotton. Why bamboo swaddle is more convenient? Because it’s breathable, absorbent, it’s antibacterial because bamboo resists bacteria and prevents an odor buildup – even with multiple washes! It will just keep on getting softer and fluffier And of course, it is eco-friendly.

My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Pillow is a washable pillow made of bamboo fiber for that sweetest of dreams of your little one. It has thin profile and ultra-thin pillow that are suitable for baby.  It is extra-long pillow preventing baby to fall off the pillow. It comes with silky soft bamboo pillow cover and serves an optimal support and comfort to babies.

My Cozy Bamboo Swaddle is made of fine bamboo muslin. Its silky soft touch will comfort and soothe your baby just like your snug arms. It also comes with a hood to keep your baby’s tiny head warm.

Swaddling is an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep and to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. Parents can use these as an actual swaddle, a crib blanket, a shade, a burp cloth, and so much more.

Aside from cozy bamboo swaddle and bamboo pillow, Iflin Baby PH also has other products like bamboo muslin, bamboo burp and nurse, bamboo burp and bib, cozy bamboo blanket, bamboo wash cloth and napkin, trendy bamboo nursing cape, bamboo bib set and bamboo sleeping bag.

For Iflin Baby Bamboo Muslin range of products, follow Iflin Baby PH on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Classic gifts

  • Bibdanas, Burp Towels and Back Towels

I love this baby set from Noah’s Ark PH. Noah’s Ark PH products are quality handmade products from Tarlac. Their best sellers are the bibdanas, backtowels and burp cloths. They are also selling baby beddings and crib sheets.

burp cloths

They have a wide range of fabric designs to choose from. And I love their back towel design too. Look at these lovely nautical designs!

back towels

Bibdanas are both functional and fashionable nowadays. It keeps your drooling baby dry without compromising style. Pretty cool right?


If you’re looking for stylish yet classic baby essential gifts, check out Noah’s Ark for more fashionable designs. To know more about their products, follow Noah’s Ark PH on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Bed Protector / Waterproof Sheet

Mellow Quick Dry Waterproof Sheet is one of the most useful baby essential for newborn babies until potty training. Mellow Quick Dry is 100% waterproof, soft, breathable, reusable and washable sheet.

Its quick-dry properties makes moms worry free about rashes and endless changing of bed sheets.  It is highly absorbent, fast-drying and long-lasting. It has antibacterial and anti dust-mite properties that help protect your babies’ skin and your crib/bed mattresses. It comes in different colors and sizes in small, medium, large, m+wing, and L+wing.

It’s truly one of the best essential baby shower gifts. For more details, follow Mellow Kids PH on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Gifts for Moms

  • Nursing essentials

Nursing Scarf are useful and fashionable accessory to nursing moms, it provides full coverage for discreet breastfeed. There are so many ways to wear Little Roo’s nursing scarves and  fashionable too, it doesn’t look like a nursing scarf at all. It is convenient as it ca also be use as a stroller cover.

Little Roo’s nursing scarves are breathable and lightweight. I love the soft cozy fabric, and it has so many designs to choose from.

Little Roo PH’s nursing scarves are perfect gift for expectant moms. Check out their fashionable designs, follow Little Roo PH on Instagram.

4. Unique gifts.

  • If you’re looking for practical baby essential gifts that are unique, From Mama with Love provides products that are unique from the usual.

2-in-1 bibdana

From Mama With Love passionately create reversible bibs, bibdanas, burp cloth, bib & towel in one and mittens.

details of 2-in-1 bibdana

I love how they made classic baby essentials more unique. This 2-in-1 bibdanas is definitely stylish and reversible.  It is indeed a creative and unique alternative to the traditional bib. This will have the little one drooling in style, while keeping their outfits dry.

star bib

Another unique finds are their star bib and new design burp cloth, perfect for baby-led weaning. These will help protect mom and dad’s outfit during each feeding, plus they’re handy for wiping up messes.


They are also selling swaddles and their newly launched product – handmade glitter bows for little girls.


All products were made by From Mama with Love. For more details, follow From Mama with Love on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you love the products I recommended. Your gift will be appreciated, no matter what –  no matter how big or small — will really help.

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