Hands-on moms cringe at the sight of saggy diapers, but there’s really more to the lawlaw than you think. Pampers, the trusted brand committed to your baby’s comfort and care, helps with your baby’s happy, healthy development by giving you less lawlaw diapers. The much loved magic gel channels found in the Premium Care line will be available in Baby Dry Taped and Pants variants.

Thank you Pampers!

Less Lawlaw means more freedom of movement!

Studies have shown that learning to walk without any bulk in the body may be the best for baby’s motor development. All that bulk in lawlaw diapers compromises balance as he or she learns to walk.

Moving, playing, and walking are crucial for baby’s growth and development. Unrestrained movement allows babies to discover the world, and learn like there’s no tomorrow.

Less Lawlaw means more savings!

Pampers gives you the gift of Go Galaw Mornings!

When babies pee, wetness is often accumulated in a single spot on the diaper. This causes the lawlaw! Moms know that when the diaper sags, it’s full and time to change. The diaper is wasted because all the wetness is concentrated in one spot, instead of spread through the whole diaper. The accumulated wetness increases the likelihood of leaks so if diaper easily sags, moms end up changing the diaper more often and spending more.

With magic gels channels, Pampers will allow moms to get more bang for their back! Moisture is absorbed faster and more evenly so they change less and save more!

ByeBye Lawlaw, Hello Go Galaw All the Way with the New Pampers Baby-Dry!

Happy kid! One for Ate Eli and for #littleEnero2

Pampers understand that lawlaw is a major problem for moms and babies alike. This is why Pampers will be introducing a new and improved Pampers-Dry, now with magic gel channels. These new cores absorbs wetness faster and distribute it evenly throughout the whole diaper preventing sagging. This is not only offers overnight dryness but makes the diaper thinner and drier, putting an end to lawlaw, and promotes unrestrained movement for you baby.

As these are your child’s most crucial years, it’s important to make sure they are provided with only the best products – especially quality diapers! Choose the new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry for less lawlaw and go galaw mornings! That way, baby is kept dry and comfortable for a longer time, less diaper changes in between is needed, and most of all, you can finally focus on quality bonding with your baby, as he moves and learns to go galaw.

Magic Gel Channel test

I want to see test the new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry and so I did a simulation. I did the bowl test : I have placed the magic gel channel sheet inside the bowl, pour the 150ml water into the bowl and I was so amazed! It absorbed the water in seconds and distributed it evenly throughout the sheet. I cut through the sheet and I was amazed as the wetness has been transformed into gel. It really works! See the magic yourself momshies!

the water was distributed evenly

the water was transformed ito gel

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