Baby Moby Cotton products are made of 100% premium quality pure cotton that are medical grade that meets hospital standards. Our cotton products are sterilized with high temperature to ensure cleanliness and safety. Japanese waterjet technology processed cotton products, flourescence and glue free that’s guaranteed safe for baby’s use.

Photo credit : Baby Moby PH


Here are the list of Baby Moby Cotton product details :

1. Baby Moby Breastmilk Storage Bags (40 Pre-sterilized 250ml Bags) – P300.00
  • Made with LDPE food graded plastic
  • Contains 40 Pre-Sterilized Breastmilk Storage Bags in a Box (250ml / 8oz)
  • BPA Free
  • Sterilized to ensure cleanliness and safety
  • Extra Thickness with Triple Seal Zipper and 5mm sealing on the sides to Prevent Leakage
  • Self Standing Design
  • Freezer and Refrigerator safe
  • With Zip lock packaging
Usage: Used to store breastmilk.
2. Baby Moby Standard Cotton Balls and Baby Moby Large Cotton Balls – Large Cotton Balls P85.00; Standard Cotton Balls – P240
  • Ziplocked packaging
  • Contains 300g for standard cotton balls
  • Contains 100g, approximately 100 cotton balls (large cotton balls)
  • Large cotton balls: 3 times bigger than the regular cotton balls
  • Regular cotton balls: Comes in an economical package
  • Baby Moby Large Cotton Ball is made from 100% natural cotton. It’s fluorescence free and manufactured with World-Class Technology to ensure highest quality, hygienic and gentle even to sensitive baby skin. Baby Moby Cotton Balls is designed for better absorbency and shape stability when wet.
Usage: Used to clean up the baby during nappy changing time.
3. Baby Moby Cotton Pads and Baby Moby Jumbo Cotton Pads – Standard Cotton Pads P65.00; Jumbo Cotton Pads P240.00
  •  Zip locked packaging
  • Contains approximately 100 cotton pads per pack (standard and jumbo size cotton pads)
  • Each cotton pad comes with pressed sides
  • Baby Moby Jumbo Pads made from 100% natural cotton. Using “Water Jet Technology from Japan, it does not use any glue compare to other cotton pads. Water jet technology is used to strengthen the surface of the cotton products instead. Baby Moby Pads are extra soft, lint free (even when wet), adhesive free and fluorescence free, manufactured with World-Class technology to ensure the highest quality, hygienic, and gentle even for sensitive baby skin.
Usage: Standard Cotton pads: for cleaning around the eyelids and other sensitive areas.
               Jumbo Cotton Pads: Used to clean up the baby when changing diapers, ideal for cleansing baby’s delicate skin
4.  Baby Moby 99.9% Pure Water Wipes (20 sheets) – P60.00
  • Contains 99.9% water
  • Alcohol-free, Fragrance-free, Fluorescence-free, and paraben free
  • Dermatologically tested hypoallergenic
  • With Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
  • Made with extra thick & soft fabric
  • 3D Beehive woven technique making moisture last longer
Usage: Wipe clean baby’s body parts (e.g. hands, face, and bottom)
5. Baby Moby Mini Cotton Buds (150 sticks) – P100.00
-Strong and durable Paper stick/paper stem for safety purposes
– Extra small cotton tips containing tight rounds of cotton with two tips: Regular and spiral Tip to serve different purposes
Usage: To clean inside of the nose, belly button, and hard to reach areas
6. Baby Moby Big Cotton Buds (110 sticks) – P110.00
– Soft cotton tips easily absorb any liquid
-Strong and durable Paper stick/paper stem for safety purposes
– Extra large tips to make ear cleaning safer
Usage: Use to clean the outside of the ears and earlobe.
7.) Baby Moby Sterile Gauze Pads (2 pads x 40 sterile packs) – P280.00
Baby Moby Sterile Gauze pads are made form 100% cotton for disposable usage. Sterilized with high temperature to ensure cleanliness and safety, and packed in a special sterile pack in 2’s. Each gauze comes with folded sides to prevent and lints. Used to clean the inside of the mouth, gum, tongue, cheek pouches and teeth. Safe to use with newborns and can be supplementary to brushing teeth (example when you’re out and your baby already fell asleep and there’s no way to brush anymore).
Here are tips on how to use:
1. Pull out the gauze pad from the sterile pack
2. Prepare a glass of clean water and dip the gauze pad.
3. Wrap it around your finger.
4. Clean your baby’s mouth.
Note: Gauze pads used to clean the tongue should not be reused with teeth or gum. Use a separate gauze pad to avoid infection.
  • 100% natural cotton for disposable usage
  • Comes in small individual pack, each contains 2 pcs sterilised gauze pads
  • Easy and safe to use on the inside of the baby’s mouth
  • 2×2″ 8ply sterile gauze pads
 Usage: to clean inside of a baby’s mouth, etc.
8.) Disposable Breast Pads – P350.00
  • -Elastic bands surrounding the pads with 3D curve, shaped to support curve of the breast.
  • Soft, dry, and comfortable surface
  • Airy design to prevent dampness
  • High absorbency
Usage: to prevent milk leakage, placed on the inside of the bra.

Thank you Baby Moby PH for sending these products


Baby Moby Mini Cotton Buds

Baby Moby Mini Cotton Buds. Baby Moby MIni Cotto Buds are paper sticks and 100% cotton for more safety. It is also glue and flourescence free. And what I really love about it? It has 2 types of tips : spiral and plain.

Baby Moby Cotton Pads

Baby Moby Cotton Pads. Baby Moby Cotton Pads are made through Japanese Waterjet Technology, guaranteed safe on baby’s sensitive skin. Mrs Enero Approved because it is Lint-free and flourescence free.

Baby Moby Pure Water Wipes

Baby Moby Pure Water Wipes. When I became a mother, wipes became one of the most important things to me. It is very useful until now that I am already raising a toddler. I have tried so many baby wipes and what made me love this Baby Moby Pure Water Wipes is that, it never irritates my daughter’s skin. It is child-friendly since it is hypoallergenic and  no alcohol, no fragrance, no paraben and no fluorescence.


Baby Moby Large Cotton Balls

Baby Moby Large Cotton Balls. I love this as it is 3x bigger than the regular cotton balls and perfect for Eliana, since shes toddler now. Baby Moby cotton balls don’t get smaller when wet, it for better absorbency and shape stability when wet.


Photo Credit : Ifin Baby PH

Iflin Baby PH, carry Iflin Baby Bamboo Muslin Products here in the Philippines, our products are from Thailand and are all made of 70% silky soft bamboo fiber and 30% natural cotton and all have snaps for travel convenience.
Why Bamboo?
  • Gentle & soft (great for baby’s skin, softer than cotton)
  • Breathable
  • Absorbent
  • Anti-bacterial… less odor
  • Environmental Friendly (planting bamboo prevents deforestation)
My Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape
My Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape is a stylish and trendy 360° full coverage nursing cover, which is specially designed for fashionable & modern moms who want to look best even when breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk.  A collar cape style makes it look like a normal pretty cloth, concealing your precious private moment with your little baby.  The buttons will make it easier for moms to put on and take off the nursing cape, no more messy hair.
My Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape is also perfect for working moms, because in the office you need a good-looking nursing cover to make you feel confident and look great when expressing milk.
Tips: In the cold office or shopping malls, you can confidently walk around with My Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape on…no one can notice that it’s actually your nursing cover.
Be trendy and stylish even when breastfeeding or expressing milk
Aside from Trendy Nursing Cape, they also offers : My Cozy Bamboo Blanket ,My Everyday Bamboo Burp & Nurse, My Handy washcloth & NapkinMy Favorite Bamboo Muslin, My Style Bamboo Burp and Bib, My Adorable Bamboo Bib Set and My Sweet Bamboo Sleeping Bag
For more info about Iflin Baby PH products, you may follow them on Facebook and

Photo Credit : Mellow Kids PH

Mellow Kids PH is made from Thailand (and already available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia) and they carry waterproof products that can be used from newborn to potty training stage and even for bedridden and elderly patients with Urinary Incontinence.
Mellow Quick Dry is the revolutionary and unique bed protector. Multilayered by using advanced materials and bonding techniques, “Quick Dry”is highly absorbent (up to 8 times its weight of water), fast drying and long lasting. The waterproof breathable membrane is bonded to the very soft and cozy Cotton + Polyester top fabric.
Mellow Quick Dry is certified by “OEKO-TEX Standard 100” (European standard textiles testing for harmful substances) (this is renewed yearly and is the same standard certification with Uni Qlo products) which is safe for babies and toddlers & environmentally friendly. “Quick Dry”will protect your baby from getting wet and help reducing the use of diapers. No more crinkly feeling and stress by using rubber sheet which causes heat, rashes and bed sores.

Why Mellow Quick Dry?

  •  Fast Drying
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Soft and comfortable allowing uninterrupted sleep
  • Breathable
  • Reusable, Machine Washable
  • Non-allergic and Non-irritating
  • High absorbency (upto 8 times its weight of water)
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Dust mite barrier & Anti Bacterial
  • Safe for babies (OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified)

Aside from Mellow Quick Dry, they also offers : Bib Set and Seat Protector

For more info about Mellow Kids PH products, you may follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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Giveaway Mechanics :

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  5. The giveway will closed on the midnight of August 15, 2017 and the winner will be announced on next day.
  6. Open to all Philippine residents only.

Good luck everyone!



Facebook winner : Anne Robles winner of 1 Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape from Iflin Baby PH.
Instagram winner : @airavictoriaaa(Aira Jane Victoria) winner of 1 Small Size Quickdry Waterproof Sheet from Mellow Kids PH.
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and thank you everyone for joining! 🙂

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