If you’re one of my blog readers, you’ll know that since I became a mother, I became meticulous when it comes to baby products. I only want to use the mildest and natural products to my little one as much as possible. We, the so-called millennial moms are meticulous – because chemicals are everywhere, even to baby products.  I made a commitment to stick to natural, non-toxic baby products as much as possible.

Just recently, Sanosan PH sent some of their products to try. And I’m glad that their products are made from natural ingredients. The products are “Sanosan Skin Care” : Baby Care Lotion and Baby Care Ointment and “Sanosan Baby Cleaning” : Sanosan Baby Bath & Shampoo, Baby Care Soap and Baby Shampoo.

Sanosan Skin Care : Baby Care Lotion and Baby Care Ointment.   Sanosan Baby Care Lotion also has active substance such as olive oil and lacto protein and together with genuine chamomile and moisturizing shea butter supports the skin’s own protective function and maintains the moisture of the baby’s skin. I’ve been using the Sanosan Baby Care Ointment to my daughter whenever I’m seeing a nappy rash and I love the results. No irritation at all and no dry skin. Sanosan Baby Care Ointment has zinc oxide (20%) that creates a breathable protective barrier and the allantoin that helps regenerates baby’s skin.

Sanosan Skin Care : Baby Care Lotion and Baby Care Ointment

Sanosan Baby Cleaning : Sanosan Baby Bath & Shampoo, Baby Care Soap and Baby Shampoo. The Sanosan Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath & Shampoo gently cleaned my toddler’s hair. What I love most about their Sanosan Baby Cleaning line is that it contains no eye-numbing ingredients , it makes bath time more enjoyable and no eye irritation at all. AAnd the Sanosan Care soap is specially formulated with natural vegetable oil soap with active ingredients such as lacto protein and olive oil that protect the skin against moisture loss. And all moms want to maintain the soft and smooth skin of our babies, and these olive oil and milk proteins are preventing the skin from drying out.

Sanosan Baby Cleaning : Sanosan Baby Bath & Shampoo, Baby Care Soap and Baby Shampoo

Why Sanosan baby products are MrsEnero Approved?


  • Mildest Natural Ingredients. Sanosan products have natural ingredients that naturally care for baby’s sensitive skin.
    • It has Olive Oil that is known as a powerful anti-oxidant that contains vitamins E, A and D, minerals and natural fatty acids that works as a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer and protector of skin and hair.
    • Also has Hydrolyzed Protein that is known as one of the most nutrient rich proteins due to its complete amino acid content. It contain ingredients that promote the baby’s skin development. moisturize, hydrate abd nourish the skin and builds a protective layer for the skin.

  • Free from harmful chemicals :
    • NO paraffin oils
    • NO paraben
    • NO dyes
    • NO preservatives
    • NO silicones
    • No eye-numbing ingredients


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good for all skin-types
  • Sanosan product line provides a Complete Care and Protection not just for babies but for  kids and mama :
    • Baby Cleaning
      • Sanosan Baby Bath and Shampoo (200ml & 500ml)
      • Sanosan Baby Shampoo (200ml)
      • Sanosan Baby Care Soap (100g)
      • Sanosan Wash & Care (200ml & 400ml)
    • Baby Skin Care
      • Sanosan Baby Care Lotion (200ml & 500ml)
      • Sanosan Baby Care Powder (100g & 200g)
      • Sanosan Baby Care Oil (200ml)
      • Sanosan Baby Care Ointment (150ml)
      • Sanosan Baby Care Panthenol Ointment (100ml)
    • Baby Sensitive Care
      • Sanosan Panthenol Ointment (100ml)
      • Sanosan Care Cream (100ml)
      • Sanosan Oil Bath (200ml)
      • Sanosan Head-to-toe wash lotion (200ml)
    • Kids Line
      • Sanosan Natural Kids Shower & Shampoo (250ml)
      • Sanosan Shower & Shampoo Raspberry | Banana (200ml)
      • Sanosan Natural Kids Wash Foam (250ml)
      • Sanosan Natural Kids Easy Comb Spray (125ml)
    • Mama Pregnancy Care
      • Sanosan Mama Anti-Stretch Mark Cream (100ml)
      • Sanosan Mama Cooling Leg Cream (100ml)
      • Sanosan Mama Mom-to-be Spray (200ml)
      • Sanosan Mama Intimate Hygiene Liquid Cleanser (200ml)


  • Sanosan products are clinically proven and recommended by midwives in over 60 countries worldwide. Sanosan has passed international standards for product safety and allergies as attested by their certifications and seals.

Sanosan PH products are available at  LazadaBaby Company, Kids Company, SM department stores and other leading department stores. For more inquiries : Follow Sanosan PH on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website.

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