A home that is well decorated can quickly turn visitors against it if it doesn’t smell as good as it looks. Keeping our home smelling fresh all the time is one of the tough jobs by moms. Failure to keep our living space smells fresh can ruin moods and impact to our health. Sharing with you my new #MrsEneroFinds that keeps  a special home scent and away from harmful insects.

Why Hanns Insect Trap is MrsEnero Approved?

  • It is safe and quiet. Meaning it is also suitable to be used at your kid’s bedroom. Other insect zappers are quite noisy and can be quite disruptive to your little one’s sleep at night.
  • No Pesticides and odor free. Unlike other insect traps that I used, Hanns insect trap is safe to use, especially when you have toddlers like me because it doesn’t emits any dangerous smell.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • It is super easy to use :
    • Just plug it directly with 220-240V ~50-60 Hz,
    • To turn on, rotate the “Rotate handle” until you hear a click. Once locked, it will work automatically.
    • Put the Hanns Insect Trap 0.8m to 1.2m away from other light sources to avoid interference.
  • Hanns Insect Trap Advance Indoor is water and dust proof.

How Hanns Insect Trap works?

  1. Hanns Insect Trap uses a UV lamp which can produce 360-400nm light to attract insects.
  2. Once moquito/insect entered the Hanns Insect Trap, the fan then sucks the insects down into the trap.
  3. The insects that were trapped in the storage box, won’t be able to go out and suddently dies due to dehydration.

Saying goodbye to “amoy kulob” with this Hanns Guard Humidifier. I have first seen this Hanns Guard Humidifier last year during our staycation at Tagaytay. The hotel uses Hanns Guard with Lavender scent. Our hotel room really smells good with the lavender scent.

Hanns Guard Dehumidifiers removes excess moisture in the air, helping prevent damage to your things with mold. Hanns Guard contains odor-eliminating charcoal. My husband also placed a charcoal inside our refrigerator, charcoal eliminates foal smells.

It can be placed in the washroom, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet, sink cabinet, storeroom and even inside your car.  I have placed ours at our bedroom and shoe cabinets.

How Hanns Guard Dehumidifier?

  1. Remove the plastic lid and just peek back foil back.
  2. Remember not to remove or pierce the white paper membrane.
  3. Replace plastic lid and keep watch on rising water level. When the water fills up the botton portion of the container, just cut open the white paper membrane and pour the liquid into the sink.

Check out more of Hanns products from their official website www.milesandlevels.com.

Posted by Hannsph on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bye, bye mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Keep your home or your car smelling fresh all day, use HannsGuard Dehumidifier too! It’s all in your HANNS!  For more inquiries : Follow Hanns PH on Facebook and Instagram. You may also call  942-2376.

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