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Apr 23, 2020 | #BloggerMail, #MrsEneroApproved, #MrsEneroFinds, LOVE!

How are you mommies? I know that we are all coping up with the #newnormal during this enhanced community quarantine. While we are all at home, let our kids enjoy and learn at the same time. One of the activities that I want Eliana to learn this summer is to enrich her Filipino vocabulary. Most kids nowadays have a difficult time learning Filipino, that’s why I’m glad I have discovered about Buksan PH. 

Buksan Filipino Flashcards were created to help children learn words in Filipino. The flashcards are for children of all ages. It is designed to help parents and teachers. I am happy that little by little, Eliana is learning more Filipino words. I love that Buksan Filipino Flashcards helps make learning the Filipino language both fun and engaging.

The Buksan Filipino Flashcards are divided into 4 sets: Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D. Each sets has 60+ flashcards. Like other educational flashcards, each flashcard has an image and a word on the front side. The same word is on the back side and there is a question included that can be asked by the parent or teacher. I love the minimalist design and creative graphics of Buksan Filiino Flashcards. East set covers different themes :

Buksan Filipino Flashcards Set C
Buksan Filipino Flashcards Set D

How do I order Buksan Filipino Flashcards?

You can get Buksan Filipino Flashcards and delivered it to your home by subscribing :  You may order through Buksan order form. After filling out the order form, they will send a confirmation message to your mobile number and/or e-mail address.

How much is the Buksan Filipino Flashcards?

Each set of flashcards costs P490. The learning materials can be shipped nationwide and the shipping cost ranges from 90 to P175. It is also available worldwide through DHL.

Let your child learn Filipino using Buksan Filipino Flashcards . For more inquiries : Follow Buksan PH on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. WanderWoMom

    Uy bet ko ito. pwede ko siguro bilan yung anak ng bff ko. ang ganda ng graphics na din kasi. yun kasi pinakaimportant para di din nakakalito sa kids ano?

  2. berlin

    love flashcards. I just hope our little one doesnt play with them kasi nasisira nya minsan e. ung older one knows how to take care of the flashcards na.

  3. Purple Pieces

    Thank you! Kukuha ako nito for my bunso. Kailangan niya rin ng flash cards kasi he’s non-verbal 🙂

  4. Graz Covz Guyle

    Hala salamat sa article na ito! Matagal ko tong nakikita ang buksan flashcards! Very filipino, love this!


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