Planning for a long road trip with toddlers? Your little ones need to explore and create. My toddler’s travel essentials are quiet books and coloring books.  I’m glad, I have discovered something new – Portable Pisara. It is such a fun portable activity to keep kiddos busy.

Why Miel & Meg’s Portable Pisara is MrsEnero Approved?

  • Perfect travel essentials for kids. It light-weight and is easy to store anywhere, you’ll just roll it up to be tucked into a handbag or your kid’s own backpack/purse.  This will definitely keep your kid/s busy while traveling. I will surely bring this to our next #EnerosOnTheRoad adventure.

  • Personalized. It is a perfect party giveaway as it the eraser can be personalized according to your party theme.I love personalized stuffs, I will surely order for Miel & Meg’s Portable Pisara for my daughter’s next birthday giveaway. Her friends will definitely love this!
  • It is a practical and original gift. Miel & Meg’s fabric Portable Pisara is much cheaper than other portable blackboards that can be bought at toy stores.

  • The Portable Pisara Kit also includes dustless chalk stick that is used to write on the fabric Portable Pisara. You may also use liquid chalk marker (not included in the kit). For best care of the Portable Pisara, always wipe off liquid marker right away after use to avoid permanent marks.

  • Writing area is waterproof.  The blackboard is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or  wet wipes for stubborn chalk marks.

  • Gadget-free learning. Let your child enjoy learning and keep them away from gadgets. Provide the resources they need for creative expression. Portable Pisara will definitely unleash your child’s creativity. Arts and crafts can be messy, but provide fun experiences to your child. If you want your child to get a good job, let them play more… Let them explore.

Keep your kid/s entertained and unleash their creativity with this portable chalkboard. For more inquiries : Follow Miel & Meg on Facebook and Instagram.


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