The activity book or known as quiet book is not just an ordinary toy. A child who plays with quiet book can get so many life skills, together with developing fine motor skills. Quiet books have interactive pages for toddlers. It allows your child to have development skills  like fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. If you have read my post about quiet books, you know that I am highly recommending quiet books to your little one’s too.

And I now I am sharing with you another quiet book that I have found in Instagram. Thank you Felt Magic for sending this Felt Doll House for my little one. Felt Magic by Criselle’s felt doll house is  handmade. It is made with felt.  And one thing I love about it? It’s just like the paper dolls that I’ve used to play during my childhood days, that only #batang90s knows – it has removable pieces that are made of polyester felt. It also has a variety of buckles for fine motor skills training.

The felt doll house pages :

  • Bedroom. It has a bed, small cabinet and vanity mirror. You can flip the mattress when you want your felt doll  to sleep. So cute right?

bedroom and wardrobe

  • Wardrobe. This is my personal fave and Eliana’s fave too. Why not? It is where you can find your felt doll’s dresses. Eliana’s felt doll has 10 dresses wherein 8 of them are Disney Princesses’ dress. Pretty cool right? She has Cinerella, Snow White, Belle of Beauty and the Beast, Aurora of Sleeping Beauty, Ariel of Little Mermaid, Rapunzel of Tangled and even Elsa of Frozen.

look at these pretty dresses

  • Laundry Room. It is where your can wash your felt doll’s dress and hang it up just like doing your own laundry. It also has removable stuffs like laundry detergents.

laundry and bathroom

  • Bathroom.The detail of this page is soooo adorable. It has a bath tub, curtains, shower and removable bath essentials like the towels, shampoo, soaps and even toothbrush.

bath time

  • Dining Room. Of course, it has a table for two. There are so many foods to choose from. Look at the cookies, hotdogs and eggs.

Let’s eat!

  • Kitchen. I must say that this is the most detailed part of the felt doll house, It has an oven where you can bake cookies, cabinets with removable frying pans and other kitchen utensils, also has condiments as well. The fridge is full of removable goodies like hotdog, bacon, eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk and water.

Eggs for breakfast?

Travel doll house is very detailed dollhouse with lots of removable items (like food, kitchenware, clothes and many more), opening doors, lifting curtains, wardrobe… Definitely, every little girls dream.

What’s not to love? Felt Doll House is definitely your toddler’s travel buddy.  Follow Felt Magic by Criselle on Facebook and Instagram.

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