On my previous post, I have blogged Eliana’s first library and I have shown some of her cloth books. And one of my personal fave from Quack and Meow is their personalized soft books.  I bought this “Let’s go to the Farm with Eliana” last year and still one of her fave until now. I love it because it’s personalized : firstly , you can add your little one’s name along with the title of the soft book ; how adorable right? And secondly, you can add your little one’s picture on the back with short letter or quotes.  Soft book is a wonderful introduction into the world of books for very young children.

They have 4 personalized soft books : Let’s go to the camping, First book of ABC and Unang Alpabetong Filipino and above mentioned, Let’s go to the farm.

I love this doctor kit soft toy that we’ve bought from Quack and Meow. My toddler loves to play doctor or nurse with this handy medical kit. Sometimes she wants to be the doctor and checking my heartbeat just like her pedia doctor does. This doctor kit is a carry and goes with this handy medical bag that she loves.

What’s inside the doctor kit?

It includes working stethoscope, blood pressure cuff with spinning gauge, thermometer, pretend otoscope, spring-loaded syringe, bracelet-style bandage and medicines.

Quack and Meow’s Personalized Quiet books :

I have read that sensory play is so important in development among young children, but it is usually messy, and I’m so glad the quiet books were discovered. Ever since I became a mom, I have wanted a quiet book for my little one.  Last year, I was so happy that I have finally found one that I love. Soft books have interactive pages for toddlers. I love the page with the buttons and zippers.  The pages have different textures for sensory learning. My daughter is starting to learn how to unbuttons the flowers, unzipped the octopus limbs, harvesting the apples and many more.  Eliana is using her hands to learn quietly. Sensory play is such a huge part of young children’s learning. The entire book zips closed, with convenient carrying handle.  And for this, I am highly recommending quiet books to your little one’s too.

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And because next week is Mother’s Day, Quack and Meow will be giving away one Quiet Book to one of my lucky mommy readers. I’ll be choosing only one winner ; It might be from  Facebook or Instagram follower/reader.

Giveaway Mechanics :

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Giveaway details :

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  6. Open to all Philippine residents only.

Good luck everyone!

“You can find magic wherever you look ; sit back and relax, all you need is a book”

~ Dr. Seuss

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