After giving birth to Eliana, I ended up carrying a diaper bag and said goodbye to my own bags. I hate carrying two bags (even the other one is a sling bag) at a time. I just put my wallet and keys inside my daughter’s diaper bag.

These days there are many different options for diaper bags from practical to high-end, old fasnhioned to trendy, girly to gender-neutral, backpack to tote bag.

Why I love Sara Bella diaper bag?

  • It has many compartments and pockets

I am an oc mama. I love organizing things and keeping each item in a designated place saves my precious time. My husband can easily find everything : from diaper to extra clothes because they have their own compartments.Most of all, I can easily find my wallet and keys. Eliana is now a toddler so this mini Sara Bella diaper bag suits me, but if you have a baby, I would recommend buying the bigger one.

  • It is LOCALLY made

Yes, I support locally-made products. Every bag is carefully and individually handcrafted. The owner is personally designing the diaper bags and they have their own local crafters who are assembling the bags. Their goal is to make affordable, stylish, quality bags and at the same time t provide jobs to the locals.

  • Stylish diaper bag for modern mamas and papas too!

Oh how I love the designs of Sara Bella bags, that every modern mama will surely love. Sara Bella has many types of diaper bag according to your choice : tote, carrying bag and backpack.

The reason why I don’t buy a diaper bag with pink colors / flowers or any other girly stuffs is because my husband is also carrying the diaper bag.  Well it’s not really a big deal to him, I just want it to be suitable for him as well.

  • Personalized

Yes! I love personalized things. And this is one of the best things that I love about Sara Bella’s diaper bags. So adorbs! the #littleEnero on Eliana’s diaper bag.

Mr. Enero and the little Enero

What’s inside the diaper bag always depends on the following :

  • Where you’re going.
  • How long you’ll be out? Weather is a short or long trip.
  • How old your child is.

What’s inside Eliana’s diaper bag?

  • Diaper (of course!)
  • Wipes
  • Hand sanitizer and cologne
  • Bottles. For longer trips, I always bring her disposable bottle.
  • Sippy cup
  • Extra clothes
  • Quiet book
  • Hair accessories

I am happy that I have found an incredibly stylish and practical diaper bag. Mommies, remember that a well-stocked diaper bag ALWAYS saves the day. MrsEnero approved!

For more inquiries : Follow SaraBella on Instagram or visit their website :

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