“A Green Home is a Clean Home“. I love using non-toxic home cleaners, ever since Eliana came. And nowadays, I’m glad that there are growing numbers of natural home cleaning products available. I encouraged everyone to use these products because it helps to promote the growth of green businesses that is contributing to a sustainable economy.

Why Nature’s Work is MrsEnero Approved?

  • Natural. Natural Products powered by Banana Sap and contains Nature’s Work Solution that is a plant derived nutrients.
  • Safe and effective to the whole family, and even pets.
  • NO harmful chemicals, SLS FREE, SLES FREE, Praben and Fragrance FREE.
  • Perfect travel essentials.  All Eco-Travel Kit bottles are 60ml. Very handy!
  • Economical.  Nature’s Work Eco-Travel Kit already contains three (3) products that are less than P300.
  • Eco-friendly. Non-toxic both to people and environment.
  • Very Convenient. I love how Nature’s Work gave options on the Eco-Travel Kits. They have provided Travel sets wherein you can choose the products according to your needs.
  • Support Local products. Let’s support small local business like this that  contributing to a sustainable economy and promotes green living.


Nature’s Work Eco-Travel Kit Products

Nature Work’s All Purpose Spray 60ml (disinfectant cleaner and odor eliminator for all surfaces). Having a toddler really made me an #OAmom. Our room, the whole house became a playground. So whenever we are on a travel or just go to the mall, I always bring wipes and sanitizer. I’m glad now, cleaning up and disinfecting will always be easy and natural with Nature’s Work. Bye bye germs with just one spray away and it’s very handy as it just a 60ml spray bottle. Happy mama.

Nature Work’s All Purpose Spray have sizes that can be used as home essentials : All Purpose Spray 500m  Php119.00, Concentrated Solution 500ml (makes 12.5 liters of AllPurpose Spray) Php359.00 Concentrated Solution 1000ml (makes 25liters of All Purpose Spray) Php599.00.

All Purpose Liquid Soap 60ml (non toxic hand and dish soap). On-the-go soap, perfect for traveling. Not all comfort rooms provide liquid soap, this is heaven-sent! Just like sanitizer and wipes, perfect travel essentials not just for us moms but for our toddler as well. All Purpose Liquid Soap 1000ml is Php209.00,  will definitely disinfect and remove foul odors to your kitchen.

Toilet Seat Spray 60ml (Toilet seat disinfectant and odor eliminator). Every ggirl’s life-saver, this is definitely a must-have. Toilet Seat spray is used for disinfecting toilet seats and even diaper changing station. It Additionally, serves as an odor eliminator. Makes peeing and pooping in public toilets worry free!

Insect Repellent Spray Citronella or Lavender Scent 60ml. I was confined last year because of dengue and so this made me more an #OAmom to Eliana. Even inside the house, I apply insect repellent lotion. This is a new fave as it is made from natural oils and plant derived nutrients, no need to panic momshies, it’s natural.

Three (3) sets of Nature Work’s Eco-Travel Kit :

  1. Travel Kit Set 1 at Php200.00 (Choose 3 from below)
    • All Purpose Liquid Soap 60ml
    • Baby Care Liquid Soap 60ml
    • Toilet Seat Spray 60ml
    • All Purpose Spray 60ml
  2. Travel Kit Set 2 at Php250.00 (Choose 2 from below + Insect Repellent Spray 60ml Citronella or Lavender)
    • All Purpose Liquid Soap 60ml
    • Baby Care Liquid Soap 60ml
    • All Purpose Spray 60ml
  3. Travel Kit Set 3 at Php270.00 (Choose 1 from below + Insect Repellent Spray 60ml Citronella or Lavender + Toilet Seat Spray)
    • All Purpose Liquid Soap 60ml
    • Baby Care Liquid Soap 60ml
    • All Purpose Spray 60ml


Happy Green Cleaning! Nature’s Work PH is available at Shopee or you can order to them directly on their social media accounts or via viber at 09175321122. For more inquiries : Follow Nature’s Work PH on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! I would like to thank Ms. Beverly Lising of Nature’s Work for sending me these eco-friendly products and to her generosity,  I will be hosting a giveaway. They will be giving away TWO (2) Nature’s Work Eco-Travel Kit.  I will be choosing TWO winners : one from Facebook and one from Instagram. You can join Facebook AND/OR Instagram.

Giveaway Mechanics :

  • On Facebook
    1. Follow MrsEneroDiaries and Nature’s Work on Facebook.
    2. Share this blog post on Facebook with caption “Check out this Nature’s Work Eco-Travel Kit review and join the #mrsEnerodiariesXnatureswork giveaway too.  @friend1 @friend2 @friend3”
  • On Instagram
    1. Follow MrsEneroDiaries and Nature’s Work on Instagram.
    2. Repost the giveaway photo (below pic) with the caption “Check out this Nature’s Work Eco-Travel Kit review and join the #mrsEnerodiariesXnatureswork giveaway too.  @friend1 @friend2 @friend3”

Giveaway details :

  1. Mechanics above should be follow.
  2. Strictly non-giveaway account.
  3. Please make sure that your Facebook post or Instagram account is set to public.
  4. The giveaway will run from January 18 to January 31, 2018.
  5. The winners will be announced on my blog.
  6. Open to all Philippine residents only.

Good luck everyone!


BLOG GIVEAWAY WINNER via Random Name Picker :

Nikki Grumal (Facebook)

@simply_bianne (Instagram)

Kindly message your Full Name, Contact Number and Shipping Address on Facebook.
CONGRATULATIONS and thank you everyone for joining! 🙂

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