Keeping travel gear dry has been a very common concern among adventurers and travelers, who would often have a problem with wet items. Dry bags are essential for travel because of unpredictable weather, it will definitely save you from a lot of hassles while traveling. Indeed a perfect travel essential not just for extreme adventurers but also for family like us who loves to travel.

Let your dreams – set sail

Why Hull & Stern is #EnerosOnTheRoad Approved?

  • Hull & Stern adventure bags are well worth the investment because it is durable, strong and reusable. Why buy cheaper one but can only be used once?  Hull & Stern adventure bags are  thermo-sealed and not sewn together  unlike other normal bags,  that will keep items dry. And it is water-proof and floats on water.

  • Stylish. Hull & Stern adventure dry bags also have special prints and customized. Yes! You can have it customized with your own design/text. Our adventure dry bag is a limited edition with text “Let your dreams set sail“. They also have Adventure Backpack size 30L.

Our adventure bag at Puka Beach

  • Lightweight. It can be used comfortably as a day pack which saves you the hassle of lugging around a backpack because it is lightweight. Hassle-free for us traveling with a toddler.

Mr. Enero wearing our adventure bag

  • Versatile. It is not just good at the beach – as for its purpose of keeping your stuff dry. This adventure dry bag can be used in any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing.
  • Easy to clean. It can just wipe or hose it down with water. It folds flat so you can stick it in your bag.

Chillin at Ferra Hotel Boracay

  • Convenient. You can use your dry bag for more reasons than just keeping your items dry in wet situations. Like for us #EnerosOnTheRoad, I also used it in managing our travel laundry. Our dry bag is helpful as I can separate clean and dirty clothes, especially if clothes are soiled or wet.

That’s it! Wherever you go, always #SteerTrue with Hull & Stern.  Hull & Stern is the perfect companion for a trip. Follow the World’s Most Traveled Dry Bag “Hull & Stern” on Facebook and Instagram.


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