June is the start of the regular school year, but this year is different because of global pandemic that we are experiencing. Some schools have already started their classes while my daughter and I will be starting in October following the government’s recent announcement. No matter when classes start, just like many parents, I must admit that I am not ready for the new home learning or distance learning. Indeed, learning from home is an entirely new experience from our kids’  traditional classroom setup.

TANG recognizes these struggles. In line with this, TANG launched Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning in partnership with Edukasyon.ph. With the help of Edukasyon.ph, the largest online platform empowering Filipino youth from education to career, the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning was held to equip moms with actionable insights and tips on distance learning with the help of homeschooling and industry experts.

Sharing the tips that I have learned from  Facebook live session of  Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning

  1. Set up your kids study space at home

Our kids should have their own study area at home wherein school supplies such as pencils or books should be within reach. I personally love organizing things, so I have labeled my daughter’s school stuff so just in case I’m busy, my husband or my daughter will know where to find  her school supplies.

2. Set and follow a schedule routine with break times

In normal school classes, our kids have their schedule per subject, so we should set up and follow a schedule routine at home too.  It will  help them to condition their mind and body to the task or subjects ahead. And just like in a normal classroom setting, it also helps them to develop discipline by sticking to a schedule and finishing school work within a given period. 

3. Prepare fun merienda breaks in between classes

Every kid’s favorite is break time.  It’s an important part of the day because it allows kids to recharge. That is why I prepare my daughter’s favorite snacks and pair it with a glass of TANG! TANG is made up of 100% Vitamin C and real fruit which is perfect for a quick refreshing break. To make it more exciting, I am planning to prepare her bento baon just like her usual snack baon at school. She loves her bento baon and so I will still be preparing it to double up the fun.

4. Make time for exercise or physical breaks

When you’re at home, it is normal to feel sleepy or lazy. So a simple physical break or exercise will help keep children healthy and primed for learning. An easy stretching or a short dance exercise will do. 

5. Get Creative

Let kids be kids! Let them explore too. We can teach a lesson through play because learning doesn’t have to be boring. Creative learning through play is still learning. We can give our kids freedom to be more artistic. There’s no right or wrong so just let them explore and have fun! 

Indeed, distance learning is new to us, but it will be a unique experience for every single mom and child pairing. Yes, there will always be struggles to get this done, but the fun lies in how it is a more personalized and engaging experience.  TANG, in partnership with Edukasyon.ph, is here to keep moms company in their distance learning journey.

If you want to watch the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning, you can still check it out here: https://bit.ly/3gupPU9. And for more tips and insights to make distance learning more fun and exciting with TANG, just visit facebook.com/TangPhilippines/. 

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