And just like that, we will be welcoming the BER months next week. And since Christmas is fast approaching, I have discovered a perfect gift this holiday season – Salmon HQ’s premium salmon cake and sushi bake. And if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll definitely love receiving foods as a gift. 

Salmon HQ is a healthy option that you can include in any celebration. Did you know that salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids acids, also rich in protein, Vitamin A, D, B3, B12 and zinc that help boost our immunity. Aside from it is so yummy, healthy too right? 

Sushi bake is a trending quarantine foods, though I haven’t tried making one, this is one of my favorite quarantine foods that I have bought online. I love it because it is made with rice and Japanese mayo + different flavors according to what kind of sushi bake it is. But I am telling you, Salmon HQ’s sushi bake is a bomb! There are 2 flavors in each tray. They have 4 sushi bake flavors : Aburi Scalops Salmon Ebi, Crunchy California, Takoyummy Bake and Unagi Madness . It’s super good!!! Each sushi bake is baked to perfection and honestly, I love them all. But I think my favorite is the Aburi Scalops Salmon Ebi, it is torched slivers of salmon mixed with scallops and shrimp. Yummm!

Salmon HQ’s premium salmon cake is a unique alternative to the ordinary cake, indeed the freshest and healthiest cake ever! It is the first and original Premium Salmon Cake in the Metro. And look at that premium salmon cake, I really love how Salmon HQ’s assemble it, indeed a unique cake! I am not a salmon sashimi lover, but I can say that Salmon HQ’s salmon cake is made with fresh salmon. Hindi amoy at lasang malansa. It literally melts in your mouth, ganun ka-fresh! It is layered with fresh samon outside and inside is mixed of kani and ebiko, premium spicy salmon, Japanese seaweed salad and Japanese sushi rice.

I also love their Seafood Wafu Pasta. It is hearty Japanese-style pasta with seafoods : scallops, shrimp and salmon. I love their pasta, it has a lot of seafoods!

I am certain that you and your family will enjoy these delish Japanese dishes of Salmon HQ, I highly recommend it from premium salmon cake to sushi bakes! Be sure to try Salmon HQ on your next seafood party. 

Level up your seafood party with Salmon HQ! Satisfy and give in to your seafood cravings now, place your order at Salmon HQ’s Facebook and Instagram.

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