I love to travel and one of my bucket lists is to experience the sakura or cherry blossoms while eating dango or tri-colored mochi in Osaka Japan. Anime lover like me can surely relate to this. I’m waiting for that day to tick this off my bucket list but for now, I am glad that Rebisco Hansel Premium gives us a holiday cheer with their limited-edition Hansel Premium Osaka-Style Pink Vanilla biscuits. 

Hansel Premium by Rebisco is spreading early holiday cheer with its new limited edition biscuits that will transport you to a deluxe world where premium taste rules. The latest in its limited series of premium biscuits, Hansel Premium Osaka-style Pink Vanilla are golden, soft-crunchy biscuits filled with luscious, premium vanilla cream. Its sakura aroma brings to mind a cool, magical experience in Japan amidst the beauty and fragrance of cherry blossoms.

Available only from November 2021 to January 2022, this newest treat from Hansel Premium introduces a new flavorful experience that lets biscuit lovers enjoy world-class flavors right in their own homes. Only the third of their Limited Edition Hansel Premium offerings, (the first two are Hansel Premium Matcha Green Tea and Hansel Premium Black Sesame), this much-loved flavor is all about warmth, affection and good times for everyone – perfect for Christmas and the New Year!

“With their sweet goodness and sakura kick, our newest limited-edition flavor of Hansel Premium biscuits is a delicious treat to enjoy with a hot or cold drink this season or even as dessert. Inspired by the goodness and popularity of Japanese sweet treats and the beauty of cherry blossoms, this special treat is only available for the holiday months and makes the perfect gift. So make sure to catch them before they’re gone!” says Republic Biscuit Corporation vice president for operations Noric Terence Ng.

Other Hansel Premium products like Hansel Premium Virginia-style Peanut Butter Sandwich, Hansel Premium Hokkaido-Style White Cheese and Hansel Premium New York-Style Cheddar Cheese bring the flavors of the world to the taste buds with every delicious snack.

Taste the flavors of Japan right in the comfort of your own home with Hansel Premium Osaka-Style Pink Vanilla biscuits! It is available in supermarkets, convenience stores and also available online. Like the rest of the Hansel Premium range, it is indulgent and exquisite but priced very reasonably at P49 per 16-piece pack.

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