Hello 2021! Here’s a look back on the highlights of my 2020: A year of growth and realization.


We don’t have many food spotting store visits this year, but I learned so many new recipes and quarantine foods.  Thanks to foodpanda, grabfood and lalamove for food deliveries. Here’s our food spotting before the pandemic (grabe nakakamiss) :

  • New Year #TeamDiosDaddy bonding at Yellow Tree Cafe
  • Valentines Date at FatMelts Cafe
  • Zarks burger date at SM BF
  • Coffee Project date
  • Quarantine foods. New recipes and dishes unlocked in #EnerosKitchen


This year’s life realizations :

  • I realized the importance of having good health. Although I don’t have relatives or friends died because of COVID19 (Thank God!), I am so sad reading/hearing stories via social media, news and close friends. 
  • I have learned to enjoy simple things in life that sometimes we even take for granted. The simplicity of life – staying at home and enjoying every moment with our loved ones. 
  • I miss my family and friend’s gatherings. We usually visit my father in Pangasinan twice/thrice a year.  The last time we went to the province was last January 2020. We just celebrated birthdays, Christmas and new year’s eve virtually (Thanks to Facebook/Google meet).
  • We miss traveling. I never thought we would let the little Eneros played in the parking lot.  Yes, we go to CCP parking lot wherein there’s no crowd, they can freely bike, run and play bubbles safely.
  • Life is too short to spend in negativity. So I have made a conscious effort to not be where I don’t want to be. ~ Hugh Dillon. 2020 was already a challenging year, so I want to leave the negativity behind.

2020 was a challenging year but despite the pandemic, it was still an amazing year. Here’s the things that brought joy to my 2020 : 

  • I am thankful to have more MrsEneroDiaries projects/campaigns this year despite the pandemic which I am really grateful for. I am glad to part of communities that gives value to my work. 


  • New Year’s Eve in Lingayen
  • Quick farm adventure at Yoki’s Farm : our first quarantine travel.

☑️ safety protocols : social distancing, face shield and mask.

☑️ visited early morning and weekdays para konti ang tao. At ilan lang talaga kami dun kahit malawak yong farm. (thanks for the tips Mommy Jiliane)

☑️ no dine-in kahit sobrang gusto naming mag-asawa magbulalo o magkape habang tanaw ang magandang tanawin ng Tagaytay. Breakfast and lunch inside our car – all take-out.

☑️ paranoid parents : alcohol alcohol alcohol.

Dear self, 2020 may not be the year that you’ve ever imagined, but it was still an amazing year. So here’s my first momtra of the month : BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.  Praying for a COVID-FREE 2021 (amen!). Happy new year dearest readers! Stay safe and healthy.

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