And just like that, I’m writing a year-end blog post again. Hello, 2022! Sharing a look back on the highlights of my 2021: A year of hope and adventure!


I must admit that I have gained more weight this year 2021 (but no regrets at all after seeing the photos.. nyahaha). Here are some of our food spotting adventures :

  • I am happy that we have finally dined in with the #littleEneros in some of the restaurants and cafes (Yes, pwede na ulit mga bata sa labas). We were able to dine-in with the #littleEneros at Classic Savory Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill in Festival mall, B Farm Cafe at Pampanga, Cheza’s Restaurant Walastik and Windmill Lausanne in Tagaytay.
  • Ticked off our foodspotting list : korean corndogs. I have been craving corndog because kdrama is life, finally able to try it! It tastes good! Ordered it on Mashi Corndog Paranaque.
  • New restaurants and cafes tried this year : Sungayan Grill in Bolinao, B Farm Cafe at Pampanga, Yamato Bakery Cafe at BlueBay Walk, Cheza’s Restaurant Walastik and Windmill Lausanne in Tagaytay.
  • Finally able to enjoy my coffee cups again. Coffee dates at Katherine’s Cafe, Yamato Bakery Cafe, and Windmill Lausanne Tagaytay!
  • Random sweets date with #TeamMadam at Cafe Mary Grace and Yamato Bakery Cafe.
  • Ordered our glazing box while waiting for the year 2022 at Meraki Tagaytay Glazing Table.

*Note: All food spotting are not sponsored posts.

I was able unlocked new cooking achievements on #EnerosKitchen. I had fun making Tiktok’s tortilla trend, Mr. Enero’s new kitchen fave! Videos uploaded on Tiktok : and Feel free to try it too! I also cooked my first Miso Braised Pork Mazesoba with Chicharon and Pork Gyoza. Yassss… Thanks to Chef Him Uy De Baron 👨🏻‍🍳 and @metrodotstyle for a fun-filled Shibuya Hotpot Cooking Workshop last March.


Sharing this year’s life realizations :

  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. This year, I realized that rest and self-care are important. Thanks to Mr. Enero, this year I have a lot of #MrsEneroMombreak s : I went to the mall alone shopping, I was able to have a coffee break with my girl friends, I gave more time to my skincare routine, I ordered milktea and enjoyed food spotting via online deliveries (thank you Grabfood). Yes, we are all busy bees, but we have to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.
  • Family is forever! Even we don’t see each other more often, I still feel the love and presence of my siblings virtually. And I am glad that slowly, we were at least able to celebrate DiosDaddy’s 60th birthday together, complete after almost 2 years!
  • Don’t settle for less. I learned to accept things that I can never change, things beyond my control. I learned to accept that not all can value your efforts, so why settle for less? I am happier and more contented now.
  • Always be grateful. I am grateful to the brands and PRs for all the campaigns and blogger emails that I have received this year. Maraming salamat po!


Reunions and exploring new places are the highlights of our Year 2021. Of course, we practice safety protocols especially since our kids have no COVID vaccine yet.  It was not how we used to travel but still happy that slowly, the #littleEneros were finally able to have outdoor fun! Pwede na lumabas ang mga bata! Yahoooo…!

#TheEnerosInBatangas. A quick and unforgettable beach trip. It was a day trip, I guess we were just so excited to go to the beach but turns out that the beach was crowded. Mr. Enero and I didn’t enjoy it much, but I think the #littleEneros still had fun. Before heading back home, we dropped by to take a picture at Pico De Loro dropoff point. Before we got married, Mr. Enero and I love to hike and Pico De Loro was the first mountain that we have climbed.  Looking forward to going hiking with our #littleEneros soon.
#TheEnerosInBatangas. Our first staycation since the pandemic. We were really hesitant at first but still decided to book at Shercon Hotel in Batangas. The place is huge and not crowded during our stay. They have many pools but of course, just to be safe and away from the crowd as well, our fave is the pocket of pools. It’s like you had your private mini pool. It was during our stay here when we went to the ER . Eliana had an accident, she bumped against her face on the bed edge.  Grabe, I still can remember what happened. Kudos to the staff of Shercon Hotel for helping us find the hospital for Eliana. Good thing, it was just a minor accident. Thank God! Overall, we still enjoyed our staycation.
#TheEnerosInPangasinan. We went to Pangasinan and visited my family. The last time was before the pandemic year 2019. It was a quick trip but the #littleEneros still enjoyed the Lingayen Beach.
#TheEnerosInCavinti. Camping day at Cavinti Laguna. We celebrated Mr. Enero’s birthday here. It was #littleEneros first camping trip, our first family camping experience. We brought our family camping tent at hindi na kami kasya sa old tent namin ng asawa ko. Our family’s first camping adventure was a blast! We had smores over the bonfire, we went fishing too! And it was Eliana’s first kayak experience. Grabe sobrang ganda ng place. It was not crowded, indeed a perfect place if you want to have your family camping trip too.
#TheEnerosInPampanga. Last July we went to Lola Corazon Leisure Farm in Pampanga. It was just a day trip but they offer accommodation too, I just we were just bored and thrilled to outdoor fun that’s why we opted to have a day trip here. The place is big, perfect for team building and family outings. We planned to dip on their pool but it was crowded so we just decided not to swim (siyempre iyak tong dalawa, but they understand naman). We just had lunch and explore the area. Before heading back home, we saw a cafe named The B Farm Cafe, good thing pwede bata. It is just near the leisure farm, we had our quick merienda.We love the boho rustic ambiane of the cafe! They have tents with a pallet platform that really looks so cozy. They also have a wooden tent lodge with an electric fan, but they have additional charges. We chose to stay in a pallet tent as it looks cozier and FREE! 
#TheEnerosInAntipolo. Picnic date at Sapinit Road. It is also called the Little Baguio of Antipolo. The place is not crowded, but of course, we always preferred to go on trips on weekdays, especially for day trips like this.  We had our breakfast here. The #littleEneros enjoyed biking and running around.
#TheEnerosInBolinao. Finally… fun under the sun! Sunkissed at Patar Beach, Bolinao.
#TheEnerosInBolinao. After planning for months, we finally reunited and celebrated my father’s 60th birthday. Bolinao is 1.5-2 hours away from our hometown Lingayen but Patar Beach was definitely worth the long ride. Manila-to-quick stopover to the cemetery to visit mama and visit Nanay Cion’s house as well-to-Bolinao. We had lunch at Sungayan Grill and stayed at Casa Carolina Beach Resort for 3 nights and 4 days! It was one of the books!
#TheEnerosInManila. Finally, bike date at Luneta Park. It was Luffy’s first time visiting Luneta Park. We went there to meet their Lolo and Lola too! Weekday at Luneta Park is not crowded. We bought our picnic mat and had breakfast there. Indeed a fun day! It rained, and we spotted a double rainbow! 

Just like 2020, our 2021 was still an amazing year despite the pandemic. Let us keep on praying that everything will be back to normal : a COVID-FREE place for everyone. A place where we can enjoy going outside without wearing our masks. I miss that, and I know you do too!

Happy new year dearest readers! Stay safe and healthy… ALWAYS!

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