I started my first bento experience way back 2016, but I really got busy and just making bento occasionally. And now that I am a certified SAHM and I already have a preschooler, “packing a lunch or snack will never be that boring“. Hello Bento!

Reasons why I love bento :

  • Bento looks so cute and tasty.
  • I love DIYs and it brings out your creativity
  • Easy to prepare. It doesn’t requires an hour to make one.
  • Inexpensive. Homemade is HAPPINESS! Since bento includes little bites of a variety of foods, you can always check on your fridge or kitchen for last night’s dinner leftovers.
  • Healthy and nutritionally balanced.
  • It’s environment friendly. Let’s GO GREEN! No need to throw up plastic bags.

Sharing my first week of bento journey for my little preschooler. Super easy snack bento ideas that can be prepared with less than 20 minutes :


Eliana’s first day of school baon : muffin, stick-o and apples 🍃


Eliana’s day 2 of school baon : panda sandwich and mallows 🍡🐼


Eliana’s day 3 school baon : Piggy cupcake topped with apples and animal biscuits 🐷🐮🐔🐢


Eliana’s day 4 school baon : Hello Kitty sandwiches, biscuits and fruity puffs 😻😻😻


Eliana’s day 5 school baon : cupcake topped with apples, smiley cookie and mallows. Good job anak, very good ka sa unang linggo mo. Iloveyou! You make us smile! ☺️❤️

And my reward for making her everyday bento baon, her first happy stamp from her teacher. Oh! the simple joys of motherhood. I will never regret the day, I chose to stay with you and saying goodbye to my corporate world. ❤️ 

I’m still a beginner, but I’d love to learn and expand my bento journey. Follow my bento journey by checking this hash tag : #mrsEneroinBENTOs  thank you and enjoy!

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