My First Bento Experience

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Packing a lunch or snack will never be that boring. Hello Bento!

A bento box is a box-shaped container specifically made to hold takeout meals. Bento has tools that can make lunches fun and creative. It’s one whole lunch or snack in one container with no trash.

I’ve been seeing cute bento box creations before but just this year, (maybe because I am now a mother) it caught my attention. When I was pregnant with my little one, my husband always prepared my fruit box.  And now I realized that making bento would be so fun, not just my little one but for my office snack box as well. And of course my main goal is to perfect making bento for my little one’s future school lunch and snack box.

Reasons why I love bento :

  • Bento looks so cute and tasty.
  • I love DIYs and it brings out your creativity
  • Easy to prepare. It doesn’t requires an hour to make one.
  • Inexpensive. Homemade is HAPPINESS! Since bento includes little bites of a variety of foods, you can always check on your fridge or kitchen for last night’s dinner leftovers.
  • Healthy and nutritionally balanced.
  • It’s environment friendly. Let’s GO GREEN! No need to throw up plastic bags.

Let’s get started and familiarized with the bento tools :

  • Bento box. There are different kinds of bento box. The character bento boxes are so cute and I personally would love to purchase one. What I’m using is the Zone Denmark lunchbox that we’ve bought in Rustan’s (which also served as our mess kit whenever we had a climb. Yes! I am a mountaineer too.. hehe!).
  • Rice molds. Useful for lunch bento box. Will add character to your bento box.

  • Food Cutter. The cutters are another simple tools to cute-ify your boxes lunches. They can be use to cut bread, fruits, veggies, cheese and deli meats.

  • Silicone cups. Silicon cups allow you to keep the foods divided within the bento box. These colorful cups will keep your bento looking organize.They are bendy too, so food can easily fit according to its shapes and sizes.

  • Food Picks. Small pieces of fruits and veggies are can me stick to food picks. They makes the bento looks cuter. These food picks are eco-friendly and adorable. It is available in various shapes, sizes and colors that can add character to your bento.

  • Barans or the food divider. The most common use of food dividers is to separate foods from each other and can add a piece of baran to a lunch box  for decoration.

  • Sauce Container. These reusable and leak-proof plastic cups or bottles are perfect for holding single portions of sauces.

I would like to thank mommy Judith, the owner of Bento Baby Ph for my first bento starter kit, which includes : rice molds, silicone cups, ham/cheese cutters, food picks, barans and sauce container.

Bento Baby Ph is selling bento materials. If you are just a bento beginner like me, you can ask for a bento starter kit and her shop has a variety of affordable bento tools to choose from.

Follow it on Facebook and Instagram for cute bento tools in affordable prices.

This is my first breakfast bento box. I named it Bento #1 “The Sleeping Bunny”.  Meal includes : Fried Rice, Omelette and Sausage. Cooked and homemade with love for my husband. It wasn’t hard at all. I enjoyed preparing my bento. It only requires bento tools, home-made food and creativity. I am excited to use food coloring and nori for my next bento box. Yay! This is so much fun…

This is my first bento experience.I really had fun! I’m looking forward to learning more about bento-making and will be adding more bento tools to enhance my creativity. I’m still a beginner and hopefully, I can create more beautiful and cute ones. Follow my bento experience using my bento hashtag #mrsEneroinBENTOs  





  1. Malot

    That’s so cute! I suppose it won’t hurt for me to learn how to make bento even if my girls are now homeschooling. Be careful with the use of food colors though; they could cause allergies, especially Yellow 5.

  2. nilyncartagena

    Love love love bento! I’m also trying do do food art for my 2 yr old. I don’t have any tools like these cute ones yet but I’m planning to buy as soon as the budget allows! lol! That’s a really nice job!

  3. Michelle Solee (@michisolee)

    I have some bento stuff at home but I don’t do bento meals because my son prefer simple meals. I’m looking for silicone cups for my puto, where did you buy your cups?

    • Trixie

      “con la distanza Terra-Luna misurata in spanne delle mani di Gianni ModhÃri.”Caissn  se in un lontano futuro, il presentatore di una trasmissione chiamata Xoyager, tal Robxin Jacobx, dirà: “in quella che un tempo era l’Italia, in una tomba sono state trovate delle mani enormi. E’ forse questa la prova che, in un lontano passato, esistevano i giganti? Noi di Xoyager pensiamo di sì!” 😀

  4. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    I used to do bento baon for my kids.. But after some time i got tired od doing it especially early in the morning! My bento accessories are all in the kitchen closet, maybe i should try doing it again. Just recently my daughter was like missing it… Was wondering where did you bought the food dividers? Ive been looking for that around here in my area but i found none.. I love that grass like thing.. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  5. Anna “Mommy Anna” Plaida

    cute, how I wish I can do the same but okay lang since my son is not a picky eater . Nice job mommy

  6. Melisa Centino Sanchez

    Hello sis I’m interested to buy this bento stuff. Mag ppm lang ako sayo pag may budget na.

  7. Coi Ibanez

    I love seeing moms do their little ones’ baon like this! Effort talaga and I think mas gaganahan talaga ang kiddos if ganyan ang baon nila. How I wish uso ito noong panahong nagbabaon ako hehehe

  8. Juvy Ann

    Bento boxes are such a hit nowadays. They are so cute and pretty, kids just love them.

  9. Arge Roque-Valencia (@argeroque)

    I love your cute food picks 🙂 Your post has encouraged me to finally make bento boxes for my little fam! I’d visit Bento Baby PH now to check out her selections 🙂

  10. Maan Laxa

    I’ve done a lot of crafts in the past but I have never tried making bento meals before! I really really really want to try it. Your work is adorbs!

  11. mhaan.a-ds

    I have mommy friends who love making bento meals for their kids! It is so addicting daw lols. Anyway, I haven’t tried it and I can’t wait to make one for my little one. For now, I will head on to Bento Baby PH to see their collection. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Celerhina Aubrey

    I also love doing bento meals for my toddler. Baon nya is bento style and we do bento meals even at home. Tuwang tuwa sya kumain pag ganun. 🙂

  13. mommykach

    Been doing bento snacks for my eldest din lately 🙂 Though limited pa yung tools ko. Can’t wait to drop by Daiso to but picks.

  14. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    hayyy I need to start doing Bento! I’ve been promising myself that I’d make one for my kids on Tuesdays when they go to their MAPEH classes but I always fail to do so.

  15. mamabelblogs

    This looks nice! My husband has always been fascinated by japanese culture; and he likes the concept of bento boxes too.

  16. joyblo

    I’m curious about doing/making bento meals but I really don’t know how to start. I got a starter kit but don’t know how to use it. Thank you so much for sharing this. It enlightened me somehow. 🙂

  17. Michelle

    I guess doing Bento box increases kids’ appetite! 😀 I would love to try doing that for my picky-eater son. I have to go to Landmark and find the tools needed for food art once I have a free time already. I used to stroll around Landmark Makati when I was still working in the corporate world kasi and parangmarami doon nyan.

  18. Neri Ann

    I really admire moms who can do bento baons for their kids! I can’t imagine how they exert their effort on making those bento creative and beautiful! And that is a nice bento for a first timer I hope I can also learn doing bento.

  19. Maria Teresa Gregorio-Figuerres

    I enjoyed my first bento experience, too. Too bad, I still don’t have a complete set of bento tools to start creating something nice for my son’s snacks and lunch at school.

  20. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    SIL has a box of tools that she bought in her attempt to make her own bento meal everyday. I once borrowed it to make my own bento. I ended up using just very few of the tools though. I made a Paw Patrol character. It came out nice. I found that it’s too much work though haha.

  21. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    Really nice try for a first bento experience. I hope I was creative as you so I can make this kind of baon too.

  22. Ayi

    This looks nice 🙂 I have a few bento tools, but haven’t really tried getting into it in a more serious manner. I would love to do this someday 🙂

  23. Pretty momma Of two

    Ang cute!Pag napasok na din sa school ang anak ko gagawa din ako nito,ngayon hindi pa nya maaapreciate pag gumawa ako eh.Haha baka lamutakin lang



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