Love is in the air! Few days to go before Valentine’s Day, do you any have plans yet? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be so fancy, for me Valentine’s Day is to spend the day with your loved ones. #NoYayaProblem or #TeamBahay this Valentine’s Day for couples with kids? No problem! Kilig parin ako whenever I remember how we spent our Valentine’s Day last year.

Last Valentine’s Day 2019, my husband told me to celebrate our first date at home because we have kids – a toddler and a baby. “lulutuan nalang kita ng espesyal” Mr. Enero said.

So here’s our tips for a #TeamBahay couple date :

  • Setup a Valentine’s Date table in any part of your home. Siyempre samin sa kwarto kami nagsetup. Kasi naman para malapit sa playpen incase gustong maglaro jackpot kami, makakain kami ng maayos.
  • Prepare a special home-cooked meals for your husband/wife.  Since Luffy was so clingy that time (well, until now, because I’m still mixed-feeding him), my husband just told me to sit back and relaxed as he cooks and prepares for our Valentine’s date.  He cooked Mushroom Florentine pasta and bacon sandwiches.
  • Make your Valentine date at home more special. To set up the mood, he played romantic songs and even bought red wine.
  • Flowers and chocolates never get old. My husband knows me well. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, so we never celebrated Valentine’s Day without flowers (kahit isa lang yan, basta meron). I love how he never failed to give me flowers even now. 

Skip your next Valentine date over fancy restaurant dinner or movie date, and treat your love one with a special romantic date at home. Now , who says we cannot have the most perfect Valentine’s day dinner at home with our kids? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples – celebrating it with the whole family makes it more extra special. 

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