One of the things that will make me want to go back to Baler is FOOD!!!

Here’s the lists of mouth-watering Baler foods  :

  • Kusina Luntian

Kusina Luntian is a hidden restaurant (literally), we had hard time finding it because the signage is covered with leaves.I thought it was a plain nipa house, it didn’t look like a restaurant.  However, to my surprised, it has an extension – seats and tables are made of bamboo. The best thing about this restaurant is its uniqueness, it has a beach-local vibes that made us away from the city life.  And oh, the menu is written on a surfboard, how cool is that 🙂

I don’t recommend eating in Kusina Luntian if you are so hungry, because they are cooking your food after ordering, and they are using charcoal to cook. It took us 30 minutes waiting, but it waaaaas all worth-it. (Trust me, I’m a foodie).

The foods in Kusina Luntian are served on banana leaves and water is placed on a bottle. My husband ordered for “wapang-wapang na liempo”. The best liempo in Baler that is topped with Baler’s paco salad, salted egg and fresh tomatoes. I ordered for “dinangdang na hita ng manok”. It is a chicken cooked in coco milk topped with Baler’s paco salad, salted egg and fresh tomatoes. I love their condiments : local vinegar and chili oil.

Besides the Kusina Luntian extension, it has a nipa hut that serves as their restaurant bar. It serves fruit shakes and fresh buko, non-alcoholic, alcoholic drinks like chilled red wine that costs (P60.00) per glass and Sagada blended brewed coffee that costs (P45.00).

We ordered for apple-melon and apple-grape fruit shakes. They also have desserts like special yema, home-made cream puff, chocolate cookie and cake pops.

They are selling their very owned Kusina Luntian’s sukang tuba and the famous “banayad whiskey” that costs (P120.00) per bottle.

 A must try : Wapang-wapang na liempo (P99.00)

  • Baler Surfer Grill

Baler Surfer Grill is a beachfront restaurant and what makes it catchy? They grill their foods on a Volkswagen Beetle. (Cool right?). They have “surfer meals” wherein there are two kinds of dishes: Beginner for solo (P89.00) that is only limited to two dishes : liempo bbq and grilled fish and Pro that has big serving (P200.00) and was only limited to  three dishes : bulalo bbq, liempo bbq and grilled fish. They also have chicken pinadapa, sinigang na sirena, tinopak and nilagang haring baka.

We ordered for Bulalo BBQ and because they told us that the dish could be for sharing, we just ordered for an additional java rice. They serve Bulalo in a different way because they grill it.  The meat is so tender and we really love oozing barbecue sauce on it.

A must try : Bulalo BBQ

  • Surf & Chill Fresh Juice Bar

I super love the shakes and juices at Surf & Chill Fresh Juice Bar. They have unique fresh juices : pineapple-ginger, aqua fresca, kidya-ponkan (P40.00) . They have best shakes in Baler : choco-banana-peanutbutter, mango-banana, avocado, ripe mango and banana (P80.00). They are just located beside Baler Surfer Grill, I ordered santol juice while eating at Baler Surfer Grill. On our 2nd day at Baler, I ordered for choco-banana-peanut butter shake while having chit-chats with local surfers.

A must try : Choco-banana-peanut butter shake and santol juice (sweetest santol juice I have ever tasted).

  • Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw and Grill

Yolly’s Ihaw-ihaw and Grill serves fresh seafoods at affordable prices as compared to the restaurants at the beachfront. I bet the locals love garlic flakes as much as I do, restaurants serve their seafood with lots of garlic flakes. We ordered for lobsters (P350.00) sprinkled with lots of garlic flakes *insert happy dance* and pork sinigang (P60.00) that was perfect on our first rainy night in Baler.

A must try : LOBSTER with lots of garlic flakes!

  • Yellowfin Bar and Grill

Yellowfin Bar and Grill is known for a late-night place to enjoy some drinks and grilled dishes with your friends. Indeed a perfect spot to chill after a surfing session at Baler. It has a tv monitor and a mini bar upstairs wherein you can order liquors.

We went here lunch time on our first day, so we almost have the place only for us. We ordered for their best-seller : Blue Marlin Steak, it assorted vegetable in butter and garlic (P200.00) and ensaladang talong with bagoong isda (P100.00).

We went back to have some beer night, but the place was so crowded. Make sure to have seat reservation when going here for dinner or late night. It may also take a while after you ordered because the dishes are served fresh off the grill.

A must try : Blue Marlin Steak

  • Hungry Surfer at Bay’s Inn

Pacific sunrise while having breakfast? Hungry Surfer is the perfect place. It is the coziest restaurant we’ve seen in Baler. It showcases the beach vibes, surfing board are scattered around the restaurants. Instagrammable ready! If I will build a beach house someday, I picture it as beautiful as Hungry Surfer.

Since we stayed in Bay’s Inn, we have complimentary buffet breakfast for two. They served continental and Filipino breakfast. Unlimited of Baler’s famous paco salad, tapa and suman. Breakfast buffet at its finest.

Chillin’ over beers  + garlic nuts + sizzling sisig  = BiyerBEERnes night.

A must try : Buffet breakfast at the beach front

  • Fresh buco juice and sapin-sapin

After a long trek and swimming to the mother falls, fresh buko and sapinsapin are the best combo! They are also selling camotecue, bananacue and pichipichi.

A must try : Always go for fresh buco and sapin-sapin

  • Dialyn’s Bakeshop

Dialyn’s Bakeshop is home of breads and cakes in Baler. Breads are fresh from the oven. Something you shouldn’t miss when in Baler is their famous yema bread, unluckily, they were just baking when we arrived. They gave me a sweet treat that morning, a free kiwi cupcake. The kiwi cupcake is one of the unique treats at Dialyn’s Bakeshop. I so love cream cheese on top and the kiwi seeds, love the sweet-tangy taste.

I didn’t know that you can also dine in Dialyn’s Bakeshop, they are also serving coffee. Due to luck of time, we just bought cakes for pasalubong. We will definitely go back for a coffee date next time.

We bought dulce de leche cake and brazo de mercedes for pasalubong. Cakes are sold whole (P250.00) , half (P160.00) and per piece (P40.00).

A must try : Kiwi cupcake, Dulce de leche cake and Brazo de Mercedes

  • Blue Point’s Restaurant

Blue Point Restaurant is a carinderia or turo-turo beside the bus terminal in Baler. We went here after long hours of Baler day tour. We ordered for Tofu Sisig and Adobong Pusit (Squid) for (P35.00) each. Low cost meals that really satisfied our hungry tummies.

A must try : Tofu sisig

I hope our Baler Foodspotting drools over you to go to Baler. 🙂


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