Why I am so blessed last year :

  • The greatest gift that I have ever received : MOTHERHOOD. Certainly the toughest job you’ll ever love! It is the most challenging … and the most rewarding!”. I still can’t believe that our daughter will be turning eight months soon. I will write a separate post about my #nanayduties soon 🙂


  • mrsenerodiaries.wordpress.com is now up – I missed blogging and so I have put up (again) my blog but named it to Mrs Enero Diaries instead. Here’s my comeback blog post : Maternity Shoot. I promise to have more time to blog this 2016. *winks*
  • Eliana’s happy feet on Traveling-up.com. My testimonial on Lakhambini Shoes, locally-made handwoven textiles.

Photo by : Kara Santos of Traveling-up.com

  • Been so blessed with good luck on Instagram contest. Guess my little Eliana is my lucky charm. Indeed a #luckyMrsEnero. *teehee*


Looking forward this year :

  • Eliana’s first birthday party! How I love DIY-ing and event planning.
  • Eliana’s first airplane ride (YES PLEASE!)
  • Staycation (more of home staycation will do)
  • baking! oh nom nom…
  • blog more this year

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