Being pregnant is such an amazing time in a woman’s life and maternity photos are a wonderful way to collect memories of your beautiful baby bump. One of the best things about maternity photography is the chance to enjoy it with your child one day.

BL Martirez of Clapboard Media is the man behind my beautiful maternity shoot.  Our shoot was at home (Enero Home Sweet Home) with my stylist, none other than her wife and my good friend, Cha Martirez. I told them  the simple concept, and it came out wonderful. I would like to thank Clapboard Media for my splendid maternity shoot. They offer creative photo and video services for any events and occasions.  And of course to Erah Llanita for my hair and makeup.

Here are my maternity photos :

Here are some of my tips for moms out there especially to first-time pregnant moms who are planning for a maternity shoot :

  1. What to wear. Show your baby bump! Wear tight and form-fitting clothes. Stick to simple prints and choose something that reflects your personality, for you to be more comfortable. Showing your bare belly is always a good option.
  2.  Use Props. Usual props like baby’s ultrasound photo, baby shoes or blocks that spell your baby’s name are fun to use in maternity photos, but not necessary. On my maternity shoot, I have used baby shoes given to me on my baby shower.
  3. When? For me, the ideal time to take maternity photoshoot is about a month before your due date for your belly to be round and beautiful.  My photoshoot was 3weeks before my due date (Third Trimester).
  4. Location. Outdoor or Indoor? When we were still planning for my maternity shoot, I’m considering to have an outdoor shoot  since my husband and I love to travel.  However, since it’s exactly a month before my due date,  I just decided to have it at home. I’ll be more comfortable, more private and a lot cheaper.

There you go mommies! Hope it helps 🙂

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