Learning Filipino values becomes more exciting and out-of-this-world as Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) partners with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) to bring the proudly Pinoy animated program “Heneral Tuna” to children of all ages, now airing on Knowledge Channel every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5 PM.

Produced by NCCA, the mini-series follows the adventures of Heneral Tuna, an intergalactic cat from Planet Mingming who’s on a mission to visit Earth and examine its Earthlings for their plans of world domination. 

But his spacecraft crash-landed into Barangay Hiraya, where he’ll be adopted by Pat-Pat and her very loving pa-mil-ya. There, he will learn more about their day-to-day lives and morals along the way, with each episode dedicated to instilling timely Filipino values in today’s youth. 

In time for its premiere on Knowledge Channel, students from the Pedro Guevara Elementary School in Manila got a glimpse of Heneral Tuna’s out-of-this-world adventures last November 7 (Tuesday).

KCFI vice president and director for operations Edric Calma hopes that the show fortifies the youth’s identity as Filipinos through the engaging adventures of Heneral Tuna in exploring important Pinoy values, as well as showcasing the wonders of Philippine culture.

“We warmly welcome this new partnership project with NCCA. Similar to Heneral Tuna’s realizations, may we hope that the youth collectively learn about the importance of these values and how they strengthen our identity as Filipinos. We are also ecstatic to see how the seven-episode animated series showcased the unique regional culture of our country. Additionally, we look forward to the continued success of our Wikaharian partnership with NCCA that helps in teaching early reading and writing in Filipino that has already shown great promise,” Edric remarked.

Likewise, the NCCA also thanked Knowledge Channel for sharing their advocacy of Filipino values formation and bringing the adventures of Heneral Tuna to more students nationwide.

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed partners in the Knowledge Channel Foundation and DepEd as we commemorate November as the Filipino Values Month. We proudly present ‘Heneral Tuna’, an animated show that helps teach Filipino values. Together, we aim to inspire and nurture a generation of young minds with the essential principles that will guide them towards becoming responsible and virtuous members of society. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to shaping the character and future of our nation,” NCCA’s deputy executive director for operations, Bernan Joseph Corpuz addressed.

The event was also attended by Heneral Tuna’s creative communications director Ryanorlie Abeledo; Pedro Guevara Elementary School principal Noel Gelua; and Public School District supervisor of the Schools Division of Manila, Ms. Ayla Urrea, with a video greeting from KCFI president and executive director, Rina Lopez. 

“Heneral Tuna” joins the list of Knowledge Channel shows with collaborations alongside premier public and private agencies, intending to offer more learning experiences to Filipino students.

Along with its broadcast across Knowledge Channel’s on-air, offline, and online platforms, local publisher Aklat Alamid will also adapt the animated show into a Filipino and Bisaya picture book series geared towards the values education of young learners.

Join the lovable intergalactic cat in his day-to-day adventures with his adorable pa-mil-ya in “Heneral Tuna” on Knowledge Channel—available on cable, direct-to-home satellite and DTT, and online through iWantTFC. Video lessons are also available on-demand through its official Facebook and YouTube pages, plus educational snippets on its TikTok account.

For more information on KCFI, visit www.knowledgechannel.org or follow @knowledgechannel on Facebook, @kchonline on X, and @knowledgechannelofficial on TikTok. 

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