Nowadays, I love how technology can be so useful and make our life easier – whether it is for banking, shopping and connecting to our loved ones virtually.  This pandemic, I also switched to paperless billing, it is a convenient way for customers like us to access, pay and store our bills and also help save the trees.  And here’s the good news to all Maynilad customers, Maynilad launches a paperless billing program too! Maynilad Paperless Billing Program is a program that allows Maynilad customers the option to receive an Electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA) instead of the physical copy of SOA.

Why do I switch to Maynilad Paperless Billing Program?

  • Safer. For OC moms like me, I really prefer paperless billing because it is safer. It removes the need for physical contact with meter readers to get your hard copy SOA, thus preventing possible COVID-19 transmission.
  • Save time and Accessibility. We can access our e-SOA anytime, anywhere. It also provides an option to get bill notifications via SMS and/or email. It eliminates the chances of losing or misplacing your water bill.
  • Easy tracking and Convenient. We can view the previous e-SOAs online as well, so it makes the tracking and monitoring of e-SOAs easier and more convenient.
  • Eco-friendly. This is what I love most about paperless billing. It reduces paper consumption, thus, environment-friendly. Eliminating paper bills also means less ink and industrial waste.

How to enroll your Maynilad bills to Maynilad Paperless Billing Program?

  • For Customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021 . All customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021  will be pre-enrolled in the program, thus they will stop receiving a printed SOA starting with their November 2021 billing. They will receive SMS and email notifications regarding the pre-enrollment. Those who are not interested to enroll in the program may opt-out. Just text MAYNILAD<space>OFF<space>PAPERLESS<space>CONTRACT ACCOUNT NUMBER send it to 09191626000. If the customer decided to opt out less than three working days before their reading date, the customer will still be automatically enrolled in the program. The unenrollment will only take effect in their December 2021 billing.
  • For Customers who will create My Water Bill online portal account starting October 23, 2021 onwards. Enrollment can be done via SMS once the account has been validated. To enroll, just text MAYNILAD<space>ON<space>PAPERLESS<space>CONTRACT ACCOUNT NUMBER and send it to 09191626000. The customer must ensure that the mobile number being used for the enrollment is the same mobile number registered in the My Water Bill online portal account.
  • For Other customers. Youreach out Maynilad through any of the following channels and provide your name, Contract Account Number (CAN), mobile number, and email to enroll in the program.
  1. Maynilad Hotline 1626 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-1000-92837 (Cavite Province)
  2. Official Maynilad Facebook page (/MayniladWater) or Twitter account (@maynilad)
  3. Maynilad Email:
  4. Maynilad Business Area (BA) Offices
  5. Maynilad Zone Specialists
  6. Maynilad Website (

For more information about Maynilad Paperless Billing Program, Maynilad customers may reach out on Maynilad’s Official Facebook and Twitter. You may also visit Maynilad’s website ( 

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