Of all the house chores, laundry is the most hated by moms but NOT for me. I LOVE my labada day! I don’t know but I really refer doing our laundry than ironing our clothes. Ayoko talaga ng nagpaplantsa ng damit!


What makes my labada day easier?

  • Sort first, wash later. This really saves my time and energy. We have different bins for our clothes and our kid’s clothes. Mas mapapadali mag-sort. I am also looking for laundry bins that have divider, para hiwalay na yong puti sa de-color.


  • I’m using Ariel Sunrise Fresh. I’m using it for years now, and I’m satisfied with Ariel detergent. I never had hard time removing stains, I just soaked up our clothes for minutes, and it removes the stains thoroughly without scrubbing. At ang bango pa, amoy sunrise fresh talaga. It has advanced perfume technology, which gives long-lasting fragrance.


  • Hang everything. At dahil ayoko talaga ng nagpaplantsa, effective sakin to mga momshies! As in! Trying everything straight from the washing machine, can save a lot of your time. Yong mga panglakad na damit, no need pa tupiin at kung hindi naman super kusot, no need na magplantsa. Tipid sa kuryente at oras.  
  • Plan your Labada Day. Do it on your most convenient time, either it can be once a week or twice a week. Ako? I really refer doing it twice a week, ayoko talaga ng natatambakan ng labahin.
  • Pay a cleaner to do the laundry.  Mga momshies, sabi nga nila, “choose your battle” kung hindi ka talaga masaya sa paglalaba or pagod ka, pwede ka naman magbayad para sa labada.

How about you momshies? How do you make your laundry easier? Please share your Happy Labada Day tips on the comment section.

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