Shopping is indeed a stress-reliever to anyone. I love shopping too! However, now that I’m a mom, if I have a free hour to myself, I spend that time cleaning or blogging.  Online shopping has become my new happy place. I love being able to shop from the comfort of my own home using my phone or my laptop. Although, online shopping is a bit expensive sometimes, especially you have to pay for tthe shipping free. Good thing, I have discovered a one-stop shop for us south moms – Mumsy Avenue.  It brings the finest online brands for infant apparels and essentials, maternity and postnatal needs. As well as breastfeeding and baby wearing and home essentials.

Ms. Paula of Mumsy Avenue and Ms. Joana of Inay Moments

Sharing with you my Mumsy Avenue finds :

Breastfeeding Essentials

If you’re a breastfeeding mama, then Mumsy Avenue will definitely one of your favorite store. There are so many breastfeeding products from lactation goodies to breastfeeding essentials like breastfeeding pumps and breast milk storage bags.

The best-selling Moringa Powder & Moringa Flakes by Breast Bottle and Beyond PH are available at Mumsy Avenue. They are also selling Ferelac  with 500mgs of Moringa per capsules.

Moringa flakes and Feralac Moringa capsules

Lactomom’s goodies : Malunggay Peanut Butter in Creamy and Chunky, Malunggay Polvoron, No Bake Magic Mix, Malunggay-Lemon Tea and  Lactomoms Toasted Pastillas.

Lactomo’s lactation goodies, magic mix and malunggay tea

Lactomom’s Malunggay Peanut Butter

Legendairy Milk variants are available too : Pump Princess , Cash Cow, Lechita, Liquid Gold and MilkaPalooza.

Legendairy Milk

They also have breast pumps and breast milk storage bags. Breastfeeding heaven it is! I can’t wait for my breastfeeding journey to begin because I know that everything that I need is just a few blocks away from home.

Lanke silicone breastmilk catcher

Sunmum Baby Breast Milk Storage Bags

Pregnancy, Maternity and Post-natal Finds

Mumsy Avenue sells stylish maternity top and dresses, sleep dress and nursing top and dresses too from Ellie and Me PH. The nursing top and dresses of Ellie and Me PH is so chic and trendy. I can’t wait to shop for my nursing dresses soon. Yay!

One of my happy finds – Inay Moments.  Inay moments is an online shop that offers nursing, maternity and post-natal needs. They sell a wide range of nursing bras, hands-free pump bras, maternity belt, maternity undies, post-natal maternity girdle, post-natal corset. Everything that a mom-to-be and nursing moms need right?

Inay Moments nursing bras

Maternity Support Belt and Hands Free Breast Pump Bra

I am lucky to meet the woman behind Inay Moments, Ms. Joana and she even helps me find my maternity support belt’s size.  She’s so approachable and kind. I am happy that we have that I have discovered Inay Moments. It was such a big help to us preggy mamas and soon-to-be nursing moms. And what’s not to love? Inay Moments is in Mumsy Avenue, I will not have to pay for shipping free because it’s just a few blocks away.

  • Baby-wearing/carrier

  • Nursing essentials

Nappy Pillows

Nursing Aprons by Little Cocoy

Baby Essentials

Mumsy Avenue sells unique, stylish & cool newborn and infant clothing from brands likes Lipton Baby Garments. You can also shop for precious girls and boys’  apparel  at fantastic prices! 

  • Baby clothes

onesies and baby clothes

Cloth diapers

Laurel & Co’s Chic headwraps

  • Diaper and insulated bags

NizacchcraftsBags’ Classic Large Diaper Bag

Li’l Kash Mini Pump Bags

  • Baby weaning and feeding sets

GrabEase utensils and SiliKids feeding line

  • Child-proofing

Childproofing your home is essential to keeping your baby safe. Be prepared to childproof the nursery, bathroom, kitchen and even the bedroom – any area of your house that poses a threat to your baby.  Mumsy Avenue offers baby-proofing essentials like Playmat. Super Dense Cushion Guards and Super Dense Baby Edge Guards from Bonjour Baby.

Bonjour Baby Playmat

Bonjour Baby uper Dense Cushion Guards and Super Dense Baby Edge Guards

  • Other baby essentials

Perfect travel essential – FizzWizz Cleaning tablet. It is completely brush-less cleaning, all you need is a FizzWizz tablet and some water. Cleansing and odor busting patented technology removes odors and the underlying cause of that smell. I got to try this for our next #EnerosOnTheRoad adventure.

FizzWizz Cleaning Tablets

HeTaiDa Thermometer has a quick temperature reading in a second. It is simple and easy to use. Perfect to take temperature for Baby, children and adults. It also has a water/milk temperature and room air temperature measuring.

HeTaida Thermometer

Baby Shusher

Human Nature products are also available at Mumsy Avenue. I love Human Nature because it is 100% natural : Paraben-free, Synthetic fragrance-free and free from irritating SLS/SLES.

  • Baby/toddler educational toys

Yay for wooden toys! Modern wooden toys are the safe and environmentally sound choice too. And why I love educational wooden toys? They are durable and built to last for generations of play.

Home & Wellness

Mumsy Avenue is definitely a one-stop family concept store. Aside from above mentioned, it also has a wide variety of home and wellness products for the whole family. Check out below home & wellness finds :

Why own a Himalayan salt lamp? Himalayan salt lamp cleanses the air by trapping foreign particles such as dust, pollen and smoke, in which you will experience less allergies, less coughing, and reduced asthma symptoms. In addition, Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, neutralizing the effects of positive ions that sap our bodies of energy. Overall, your mood and energy levels will improve and you’ll be happier.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

And of course, my favorite – Vpharma.  Vpharma provides food supplements to ensure the wellness and vitality of each member of the family from pregnancy and beyond. Check out @vpharmaph brands :  @megamalunggay, @megamangosteen,, @atlanticdelightsph, @naturaliph and @herbilogyph.

And I’m happy to tell you that I am a #VpharmaBrandAmbassador. And I’ve got something for you too! Enjoy P500 OFF when you purchased P3000 worth of VPharma products. Use this code : MRSENEROLOVESVPHARMA 💜💚 *one time use per customer only*


Vpharma products : Naturali Virgin Coconut Oil and Mega-Malunggay

Spoil yourself with barley and chicory goodness in Barlico’s line of coffee substitutes. I’ve tried choco barlico and barlico coffee, happy preggy mama! Definitely, a healthy coffee substitute.

Barlico products

UVCare provides innovative germ control products designed to protect everyone against spreading of illnesses and infection caused by viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, pathogens and airborne allergens present in our surroundings.  All products are guaranteed to use germicidal UV-C light without harmful ozone (O3) gas.

UVCARE gadgets

Nature to Nurture provides simpler, healthier, safer and healthy solutions to everyday cleaning needs. They just use plant-based ingredients and include only what is needed. No nasty and unnecessary ones– SLS, SLES, phthalates, parabens, dyes, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and colorants, formaldehyde and caustics.

Nature to Nurture multi-surface cleaner, baby bottle & dish wash

Hello, oily mamas! Your Oiliness essential oils are also available at Mumsy Avenue. Essential oils are helpful in supporting ALL body systems and can benefit the mind and body in many ways:  enhance mood, support overall wellness and well-being, maintain healthy body systems, promote relaxation, and much more.

Your Oiliness essential oils

MrsEnero Mumsy Avenue Haul

And finally, here’s Mumsy Avenue shopping haul : Maternity belt and Postnatal Tummy Band with Enhanced Belt of Inay Moments , UV Care Pocket Sterilizer of UVCare Service PH and UV Care and Multi-purpose Arm Pillow of Nappy Pillows

What I love about Nappy Pillow’s Multi-Purpose Arm Pillow? It has multi-purpose design for everyone. For babies & toddlers : it serves as nursing pillow, bolster pillow, stroller pad, head support pillow and seat belt cushion. And can be used as desk pillow, chair pillow, travel pillow or care pillow too. It is safe for babies and made with premium 100% cotton.

Multi-Purpose Arm Pillow

We love to travel and so I bought this UV pocket sanitizer. We can bring it wherever, whenever!  The Pocket Sterilizer is lightweight, compact, and plane-friendly too! I can keep it inside my carry-on or checked-in baggage.  Yay! UV Care protects us against germs, allergens, molds and mildews, dust mites, bed bugs, and other invisible enemies that threaten their health. 

UVCARE Pocket Sterilizer

Here’s my happy preggy find – Maternity Support Belt. I’m on my last trimester and been suffering from lower-back pain.  I’ve been using this Maternity Support Belt for weeks, and it really helps lessen lower-back pain. It also reduces the risk of uterine prolapse. It really works!I highly recommend this to preggy mama out there.

I can’t wait to use my Postnatal Tummy band with Enhanced belt too. I’ve been reading good reviews that this can be used right after normal delivery or Caesarian Section. Aside from it is breathable, it also has two steel bones at the back as back support.

Maternity Support Belt


Mumsy Ave|Family Concept Store
Address : 2/F Santana Grove, Paranaque
Open hours : 11am-7pm every Tues-Sun

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