During my pregnancy days,  one visible changes in my body is gaining weight, and these extra weights tends to make my feet to swell and ache.  So, the best thing that I can do for my feet during that my pregnancy time is to wear comfortable footwear. I’m glad I have discovered Aeroblu Philippines Slippers. I’ve been using my Aeroblu slippers since I was pregnant and now that I just gave birth. Let me share with you why I love these comfy slippers.

Why Aeroblu Slippers are MrsEnero Approved?

  • Durable. It’s super light and non-slip. It is also made of polyurethane material that’s why it’s scratch and water resistant. Perfect for rainy and sunny weather.

  • Comfortable. I started  wearing my Aeroblu slipper when I was on my 3rd trimester. It provides comfort and it reduced the joint pains and aches that I’ve experienced during my first trimester.

  • Stylish. What I love most about Aeroblu slippers? Even it offers comfort, it doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my sense of style. Aeroblu slippers  are elegantly beautiful. Look at the details, perfect for my preggy #ootd.

  • Affordable. And this is the best part – even with the above mentioned qualities that Aeroblu slippers provide, it is so affordable!

Always remember that a happy feet in pregnancy means a happier you.

Sharing some reviews from the moms who have tried and loved their Aeroblu slippers  after winning a pair from my recent #mrsenerodiariesXaerobluPH giveaway. They loved their slippers, definitely offers #TibayAtStyle.


Aeroblu Slippers are available in SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons, Waltermart, Baguio Country Mart and online via LAZADA and SHOPEE. For more information : Follow Aeroblu  Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.



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