Our Little Chef at Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master

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Why my husband and I love pizza? Because you can eat it at anyyytime of the day and it will still taste perfect: breakfast, brunch, dinner and even midnight snacks – pizza is soooo perfectPizzas aside from burgers are one of our comfort foods. The other reason why pizza seems to be so addictive? Cheese, more CHEESE.  And as much as my husband and I love pizza, our daughter love pizza too. Her favorite? Hawaiian pizza, she loves the pineapple bits and meat.

I’m glad that we have joined this pizza-making workshop – Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master 2018. For P499, your child will be able to attend Shakey’s Junior Pizza Master workshop in  which includes a chef’s hat, apron, pizza making kit, 1 glass of house blended Ice tea and a Junior Pizza Master certificate.

Junior Pizza Master’s chef’s hat and apron

loot bags

 The kit includes : dough, tomato sauce, cheese,  flour, ham and pineapple.

The Shakey’s pizza chef guided the kids in making their pizzas. Eliana doesn’t want me to help her but just like other moms, I insisted in  kneading the dough because she’s finding it hard to flatten it on the pizza pan.  However, right after that, I just gave her what to put next on her pizza, and she’s the one doing it on her own. I’m just so proud of my three-year-old.

our little chef Eliana

Eli’s pizza creation

Happy kid! Good job anak!

While waiting for the pizza to bake, Shakey’s prepare fun games and prizes for the kids and of course, the party is not complete without the appearance of their mascot. Suzy came out and danced baby shark and boom boom dance by Momoland, which were both Eli’s favorite. She participated on each game and danced with Suzy and other kids.

Fun games prizes

She’s always first in line

The kids with Suzy

Finally, their pizza has arrived! The Shakey’s branch manager awarded Eliana’s certificate and gave her first pizza masterpiece. Look at Eliana’s happy face seeing her first pizza creation. I’m so proud of you anak!

Happy Eliana, happy mama

We ate some of her very own pizza and managed to left slices for her father. Eliana really had fun! Aside from her take-home pizza and certificate, they were given a loot bags and plushie toys.  Oh what a happy workshop indeed!  She had learned how to make pizza, played with other kids, bring home toys and her pizza masterpiece and added a new milestone that she would never forget.  New achievement unlocked – PIZZA MAKING. Good job anak!

Eliana and her first pizza masterpiece

Eliana and her co-Shakey’s Junior Pizza Masters

Thank you Shakey’s for inviting us to your Back-to-School Junior Pizza making workshop. My daughter really enjoyed creating her first pizza masterpiece. If you want to join on the next batch of Shakey’s Pizza’s Junior Pizza Master workshop and their future promos, make sure to follow Shakey’s Pizza on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website.


  1. Gwen Llana-Serrano

    I love pizza, and Shakeys is also one of my family’s favorite. Looking forward to the day when I can already bring my daughter to workshops like this. 🙂

  2. Fully Housewifed! (@fullyhousewifed)

    Meron na rin pala ang Shakey’s. My eldest went to Italliani’s pizza making activity before when he was five. The other two just learned to make pizza here at home.

  3. momhandsarefull

    Looks fun! My daughters did something similar with Bigoli naman. They enjoyed kasi they love pizza. Hehe. Will watch out for this soon 🙂

  4. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    Oh cool! I had no idea Shakey’s has this kind of activity, too. My son will definitely love this!

  5. Mommy Levy

    your daughter is soooooo cute!!!
    my boys love Pizza too, ako hindi masyado.

  6. Edel San

    Your daughter looks so cute! Her happiness in making her own pizza is evident on her face. Btw, I love pizza, too!

  7. Liz A

    That’s such a fun thing to do! Hopefully my son will have the chance to participate next time. 🙂

  8. Richelle Molon

    We love Pizza, too, esp the husband. Been meaning to have Kuya Eli try this workshop. Mukhang sulit ang 499!! Ang ganda ni Madam Eli!

  9. tweenselmom

    nag enjoy din kami sa activity na yan ng Shakey’s, they should do it yearly.

  10. Lhourdes Mercadero

    Ang cucute naman Ng mga Junior Pizza Masters. For sure nag enjoy ang mga kids sa paggawa ng pizza. Matutuwa si Chelsea pag nakita nya to

  11. The Super Momma Ph

    My kids should join this one because we love anything Pizza! I hope they will do this every year.

  12. Pretty momma Of two

    Ang cute ni ate eliiiii !!galing gumawa ng pizza ah..every year ba yan mommy may workshop na ganyan?


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