From silicone to fabric ones, there are so many adorable bibs nowadays that can lead your fight against stained clothes in style.  Disposable Bibs are ideal for avoiding mess and stress when you’re out and about. And what I love about it? It has all the clever features you need to make mealtimes less messy on the go – with no cleaning afterwards. And just recently, I have discovered a new brand of disposable bib that you will definitely add on your travel kids essential lists – TIDYS DISPOSABLE BIBS.

Why I like Tidys Disposable Bibs?

  1. Baby and toddler safe. Tidys disposable bibs are BPA-FREE, Latex-FREE and Lead-FREE. It is made from soft material and waterproof. It is suitable for 6months and up.
  2. Hassle and worry free.  Just use and dispose, that’s it! Less mess, happy mama.
  3. Eco-friendly. It is 100% biodegradable.
  4. Adjustable. It has an adhesive strip to fasten and adjust.
  • A must-have product for Baby-Led Weaning.  It is designed with extra large front crumb catcher pocket that makes it an ideal choice for baby-led weaning, to catch those inevitable food crumbs. Baby-led weaning or BLW is an approach of  introducing solid food where baby is allowed and encouraged to self-feed solid finger foods instead of receiving purees via spoons.

  • Travel essential. Indeed a perfect travel essentials. Keep your kids dry and tidy during travel. Mealtimes less messy on the go – with no cleaning afterwards.
  • Convenient. It has resealble pouch for easy storage.

How to use :

  • Peel off adhesive strips.
  • Fasten strap around the neck.
  • Adjust the strap accodingly.

Tidys Disposable Bibs are convenient solution for mealtime at home or on the go. Stock up with Tidys Disposable Bibs for P280 for pack of 20s.  For more inquiries : Follow Tidys on Facebook and Instagram.


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