MOOSE PLAYCAMP 2018 : Fun-filled Summer Workshop for Kids

May 13, 2018 | #BloggerEvent, #MrsEneroApproved, LOVE!

Summer is the time when kids build more memories. Aside from summer getaways, we, parents also will want to add in more special activities like summer camps and workshops. These activities will surely add special skills and will definitely make our kids summer vacation a memorable one.

And so we have attended Moose PlayCamp 2018! Moose PlayCamp is a workshop that geared to discover, cultivate and enhance our kid’s talent, with the intention of helping build their confidence so that they can also shine like our Moose Gear & Moose Girl endorsers.

There were 3 categories on the Moose PlayCamp : dancing, singing and modeling.

Modeling workshop

Singing Workshop

Dancing Workshop

Our daughter joined the dance workshop. At first, I thought, she would be afraid and will not join the workshop. However, we were surprised that she was happily joined and followed the steps. We can say that she was really into singing and dancing.

Congratulations to all kids who have joined the Moose PlayCamp 2018. And most especially to the parents who have supported their kids’ passion. Congrats Eliana on your first stage dance, we were so proud of you!

Eliana, together with her co-dancing playcampers

The winners of Moose Gear Apparel

Joining is so easy momshies! A minimum of P1,000 worth of Moose Gear or Moose Girl product purchased during the promo period in the participating branches, entitles your (1) kid to the Play Camp. Just remember, though, that your purchase-receipt SHOULD be within the promo period of the SM branches that will be holding the Moose PlayCamp.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the last leg of Moose PlayCamp :


Twinning with my little Eliana

Thank you so much Moose Gear for having us. Our little one really had fun. For more details visit the Moose Gear Stores at your nearest malls or follow Moose Gear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



  1. christinewillgo

    Aww this is cute! I wish I had gone through these workshops when I was a kid. It seems so fun!

  2. This Mum At Home

    You look like you had so much fun! Loving the twinning as well …. think I need to do this myself lol

  3. HartWanders

    this is cute! i always tell my brother (who have kids) to enroll my nephew on this kind of workshop. it helps boost their confidence at a young age.

  4. John Darrel

    Challenging games are extremely helpful for kids. Great that you chose this playcamp for Eliana.

  5. lauriegannon1

    I would have loved to go to a Playcamp like that as a kid! I am sure that I would have loved the singing and dancing. I probably would have gone through the motions for modeling, though. 🙂

  6. Laura

    Awww this looks like a fun event! I’m sure kids would love to be there!

  7. Astrid H Vlahakis

    This playcamp looks like so much fun! I loved the part where they were dancing and singing! So much fun.. wish I had gone to camps like that as child too. Good stuff!

  8. Annreeba Joy

    Great that you chose this play camp for Eliana. I think you had loads of fun.

  9. Marie Fe Amaya

    Awww cute mom and daughter. I love what you’re doing for being so supportive to your daughter at her young age. I also want my daughter to join like that but she’s shy. So I just always support her what she wants in life.

  10. Dalene Ekirapa

    Girls would definitely cherish such a summer workshop precisely because there is singing, dancing and modelling. Oh my ! I just love this since not only does it seeks to develop kids’ talents but also ensures summer time is fun!

  11. Tina Hogan Grant (@TinaHoganGrant)

    What a fantastic event for kids. It’s events like this that encourage children to do their best and try new things. Wonderful.

  12. Sulav Sapkota

    This looks so much fun for kids. Wish I was younger , so that I can relive my childhood again. Thanks for sharing

  13. Ally BA (@ally_barrett)

    This looks like such a cute and fun idea for kids! I love the modeling and dance workshop, sounds like an awesome time!

  14. Princess Quinn

    This is a fun filled activity for kids. It is colorful, loud and lively. I am sure all of the kids there had a ton of fun.

  15. Heather

    This looks like so much fun. I bet my girls would love it.

  16. toastycritic

    It looks like such a fun play camp. I wish I could find more things like this for my daughter locally during the summer.

    • www ufqun website

      What ?

  17. eazynazy

    This is really great . Looks like you had so much fun.


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