Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And of course, flowers and boxes of chocolates are holiday standards, but they also suggest you waited until the very last minute to buy something for your love one, which might not convenient to you. Why not give something fresh, something new and elegantly different this Valentine’s Day? Fruits in Bloom will fulfill your expectations from fruit selection to bringing your Fruits in Bloom creation to the doorsteps.

And just before entering the FEB-ibig month, I just got a sweetest gift from Fruits in Bloom – “Heart” fruit arrangement. It’s my first time to receive a fruit arrangement like this for Heart’s Day! Indeed I’m in love.  “Heart” fruit arrangement includes : chocolate-coated fruits, fresh fruits and sugar cookies.

These are all edible and ready-to-eat. All their fruits are carefully selected and properly cleaned prior to creating the arrangement. They prioritize the use of locally grown and organic fruits when available. Locally grown fruits like Banana, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Melon, Pineapple, Strawberry. Some of their fruits are imported like Apple, Orange, Grape, Kiwi, Strawberry (if not available locally). Fruits in Bloom use imported chocolates selected to best compliment our fruit selection.

The only thing better than our fresh fruit, artfully arranged like a bouquet of fruit flowers, is when they’re covered with chocolate. Fresh fruit just got a makeover! And it’s all down to Fruits in Bloom’s pretty gourmet arrangements that combine style with sweetness. There’s always something new to wow for any occasion.


Sharing with you the Fruits In Bloom Valentine’s Day gourmet arrangement “Heart,  Destiny and Love“.  There are more choices at their online shop.  Aside from their gourmet arrangement, they also sell caramel tarts, sansrival bites, dried mushroom, shrimp paste per bottle and my favorite – shrimp paste with green mangoes.


Something fresh, something new and elegantly different this Valentine’s Day. Fruits in Bloom deliver anywhere in the Philippines, order at their online shop or call +638058264 / +639563722044. For more inquiries : Follow Fruits in Bloom on Facebook and Instagram.

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