Looking for an easy and fun way to get our kids off their devices to engage in creative activities at home? Unleash your child’s creativity with GummyBox. GummyBox is an activity box that solves this problem with smart, fun and thoughtfully curated boxes. Each box includes all the materials for 1-3 hands-on projects, along with plenty of tidbits. GummyBox guarantees to deliver a fun and fresh learning experience.

The best part is that it’s so thoughtfully put together, kids over age 4  can work on their activities without help from their parents. In my case, since my daughter is just 2 years old, I have worked on each project and let her discover and unleash her creative play on each project.

Why GummyBox is MrsEnero Approved?

  • Easy and convenient.
  • Each boxes comes with various themes that will unleash your child’s creative play.
  • Everything you need is included in the box.  No need to go to the store to purchase all the supplies.
  • The instructions are easy to follow with clear photos.
  • Fun and engaging themed activities for both boys and girls.
  • It allows parents-free time.
  • It unplugged your child from their gadgets.

Gummybox has a Standard Box that introduces a new theme and includes materials for three activities. Sample Boxes are Monster Mania : create and play with all sorts of colorful monsters, Underwater World : dive into a spectacular adventure under the sea and Construction Zone : discover the incredible world of construction.

What’s inside the Standard Box?

  • 3 Themed Projects. Each accompanied with an illustrated, easy-to-follow instruction book

  • Activity Booklet. Containing learning tidbits, games, and extra do-it-yourself ideas
  • Resource Card. With more creative ideas for parents to guide further exploration

Here’s the Unboxing video of Gummy Box “Light and Color” Standard Box


I’ve got GummyBox “Light and Color” Standard Box. Let me show you the before and after on each projects.

My Shadow Puppets

This activity will let you build your own shadow puppets and put on a show. My daughter loves this activity, became an instant night story telling with shadow puppets.

My Sun catcher Project

This activity will let you create your own sun catcher, catch the light with your own sun catcher. You can just hang the sun catcher on a window during the day, the sunlight will shine through the transparent sheets and brighten the colors of your own designed sun catcher.

Kaleidoscope Colors

This activity will let your child create unique and colorful patterns using your own kaleidoscope. This is one of my daughter’s favorite project, she was so amazed seeing the different patterns of colors in the kaleidoscope.

BONUS Activity : My Rainbow Streamer

This activity will let your child create rainbow streamers. I love how my rainbow streamers turned out. My daughter uses it as her magic wand instead.

Gummybox has a Mini Box that includes materials for one activity, including an illustrated instruction book. Sample Boxes are My Ocean Habitat, Kaleidoscope Colors and My Butterfly Wings.

Here’s the Unboxing video of Gummy Box “My Butterfly Wings” Mini Box


I’ve got GummyBox “My Butterfly Wings” Minibox and below is my crafty butterfly wings. My daughter love it so much that she keeps on wearing it. She told me that she was a little butterfly.  I am happy how this crafty box made my daughter unleashed her creative play.

Order a GummyBox now and unleash your child’s creativity, you can send email or text +63 9956258414 | +63 9395511501. For more inquiries : Follow Gummy Box PH  on Instagram.

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