Boracay has a laid-back tropical vibe that offers a perfect escapade.  One of the best ways to travel is to experience local food. As we travel, we explore local restaurants and cafes. Let me share with you the  lists of mouth-watering Boracay foods that made our Boracation extra special.



  • Moring’s Eatery (Station 2)

We arrived at Boracay Island by noon time, we were so hungry. We were glad that we have found Moring’s Eatery near our hotel boutique. Moring’s eatery is clean and has many home cooked dishes to choose from.

We ordered adobo, pinakbet and shanghair rolls

A must try : Adobo! Because adobo is life! Our lunch costs P165.00 with extra rice and sodas.

  • Halowich (D’Mall)

Great way to beat the scorching heat in the island? ICE CREAM!!! Halowich is a home of ice cream house in Boracay, they offer soft-served ice creams and Korean shaved ice. It is located at D’Mall.  We ordered for their best seller – the Mango Holic, it is simply the best soft-served mango ice cream in Boracay. Mango soft-served ice cream topped with mango and strawberry syrup. Every mangoholic like me will surely love this yummy treat.

A must try : Mango Holic for P100.00

  • Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is the home of the Original Calamansi Muffins in Boracay.  Oh, I love the beach vibes of Real Coffee and Tea Cafe, I love staying in a  nipa hut cafe no matter how commercial Boracay has become.  Having coffee with White Beach view is definitely the best coffee experience in Boracay.

Coffee time at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe with Mrs. Lee Rosaia, one of the owners of the cafe. The cafe is owned and managed by Mrs. Lee and her daughter, Nadine. It was such an honor having coffee time with her, she was very accomodating.  Mrs. Lee told us that their cafe was one of the oldest coffee shops in Boracay.

On our table : the Real Coffee and tea Cafe’s best sellers. I ordered for Real Coffee , it is a brewed coffee with a shot of espresso and their famous Calamansi Muffin. Mr. Enero ordered for Brewed Coffee, it is a Filipino blend of Robusta and Barako Cofee and Ultimate Muffin.

Coffees and Muffins

A must try : Real Coffee and Calamansi Muffin. The best sellers are worth the hype. Calamansi and Ultimate muffins (P65.00), the Real Coffee (P140.00) and Brewed Coffee (P90.00).

  • Hoy Panga!

I love the dreamy beach-vibe atmosphere of Hoy, Panga! Restaurant. Hoy, Panga! offer healthy options : they are serving smoothie bowls and they have a Juice Bar too.

We stayed at the resto’s extension : just outside the restaurant. It is a perfect spot to chill out, have some beer or cocktails and enjoy the Boracay’s night life.

Hoy Panga! Happy Hour : Beers are only P45 + 5% SC and selected coctails are Buy1Get1 FREE. Woohoo! TWO glasses of Lychee Mojitos for P150? ALL MINE! On our table : We ordered for the best seller Hoy, Panga! “Inihaw na Panga” or Grilled Tuna Jaw and my favorite “Ensaladang Talong”.  I am not a fan of jaw part of a fish, but to my surprise, I love Hoy, Panga! ‘s inihaw na panga. Malaman siya at sobrang sarap!

Happy hour : Beers for only P45 and selected cocktails are on Buy ONE Get ONE FREE

A must try : Inihaw na Panga and Happy hour beers & coctails.



  • Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar

Jonahs Boracay Fruit Shakes and Snack Bar is located in Station 1 just near the Willy’s Rock.  They also offer snacks like burgers and fries. What I love about Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack bar is the beach-front atmosphere.  You can choose to dine-in and enjoy the view of Boracay White Beach from their snack bar or grab your shakes and simply sitting with your bare feet in that white sand while enjoying a fresh fruit shake just like we did.

Jonah’s Fruitshake SnackBar

I ordered for Banana Choco Peanut Shake for me and Mango Melon Shake for my husband. So was it worth the hype? I am a fan of peanut butter, but I don’t know why I don’t like  their Banana Choco Peanut Shake, for me it’s overhyped. I am not sure if it’s the chocolate or the peanut butter made my shake bitter. On the other hand, we love the Mango Melon shake,  I love fruit combination of these two.

Mango Banana FruitShake FTW!

A must try : Mango Banana Fruit Shake. We ordered for Mango Banana Fruit Shake on our third day, and it instantly became my favorite. I love the refreshing combination of mango and banana, perfect blend it is! Fruit Shakes (P130.00)

  • Titos Resto and Grill (Station 2)

Titos Resto and Grill offer a nice view of the beach, we had our lunch here and I can imagine how dreamy it is to have dinner here – seeing  lights of the streets at night, and passing people. The restaurant had an artsy and homey ambiance.

Happy tummies at Titos Boracay

Titos Resto and Grill is serving classic and modern Filipino Cuisine in Boracay since 2012.  We enjoyed every dish we ordered : sinigang na baboy and Tuesday Salad. The sinigang na baboy we have ordered was good for 1-2 persons, but can be served for 2-3 persons.

Artsy and homey ambiance of Titos Resto and Grill

Tuesday Salad

We haven’t tried the fried Halo-halo because we were already full.  They also have their known dessert, Lamington Mamon or Lamon, it is a light and puffy.


A must try : Tuesday Salad

  • The Ruf Resto Bar of Ferra Hotel Boracay (Station 2)

I love the cozy ambiance at The Ruf Resto Bar. It is a nice place to hangout, while enjoying Boracay breeze. We haven’t experienced the sunset dinner as we came late. We had satay sampler, binakol, sizzling pork sisig, crispy tilapia and nasi goreng. I looove the Nasi Goreng and Sizzling Pork Sisig. And the Binakol? A must try! It is a chicken dish cooked with coconut juice. I love their menu as aside from Chef’s Special, they have “instagrammable” made especially for us #IGisLiFE”.

Since it’s a resto bar, we had cocktails and mocktails. I ordered for virgin mojito, it’s a mocktail (non-alcholic, since I had much mojitos on our first night). I LOVE it! My husband had Vodka Sprite.

A must try : Binakol and Crispy Pork Sisig (one of the best Crispy Pork Sisig I have ever tasted!)



  • Jeepney Stop

Jeepney Stop serves local Filipino Cuisine at D’Mall. The distinctive feature of the restaurant is the Jeepney renovated into a bar, jeepney is the famous form of transport all over the Philippines. The whole restaurant is instagram-worthy :  colorful chairs, street signs, tire-themed sink  and of course, the life-size jeepney.

We ordered for empanada, sinigang na tanigue, choysuey and adobo flakes.

Quick lunch with travel friends and travel bloggers. Ate Bing, my sister – Lana, Jherson of  LonelyTravelogue , Mai of BudgetBiyahera and met a new travel blogger – Paolo of PRLakwatsero.

with fellow travel friends and bloggers

A must try : Sinigang na tanigue. FAVORITE!

  • Coco Mama Coconut Ice Cream

Coco Mama Coconut Ice Cream is serving vegan-friendly ice creams, non-dairy, lactose-free, gluten-free and has low glycemic index. Scoops of coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell topped with sticky rice, shredded coconut meat, diced mango and pinipig. This is my favorite dessert in Boracay! Two thumbs up!!! Never leave Boracay without trying this heavenly dessert.

Coco Mama’s Coconut Ice Cream

Coco Mama Coconut Ice Cream have two branches : D’ Palengke with tables and chairs wherein you can sit down and enjoy your yummy dessert and in D’ Talipapa, for take-out only.

I am a certified COCO MAMA!

A must try : Coco Mama’s Coconut Ice Cream with mango

  • Natalia’s Kusina Cooking Service and Restaurant (D’ Talipapa, Station 3)

Boracay’s version of Dampa in Manila. Great place for fresh seafoods. Buy the raw food (seafoods or meat) in the market, and have it cooked in a nearby restaurant. There are many  restaurants across that offers cooking services. They have different prices for different cooking styles. We bought Maya-maya for our sinigang and baked scallops.

A must try : SEAFOODS! Baked Scallops. Bought fresh seafoods for (P325.00) and cooking services for (P396.00). I bought one soda can and two bottles of beer at nearby store for only (P110). It’s ok as per Natalia’s Kusina since they don’t have small bottle/can of sodas and no available beer that time. Ayos

I hope our Boracay Foodspotting drools over you to go to Boracay soon.  For our Boracay stories, kindly check our hashtag #TheEnerosInBoracay on Facebook and Instagram. And for more of our family adventures on the road : #EnerosOnTheRoad. Till out next foodspotting adventure!


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