Farmville is the main reason why I have created my Facebook account few years ago. Farmville is a known farming simulation online game on Facebook and I was so hooked on this game.  Crop planting and harvesting, decorating your own farm and social interaction with your Facebook online friends by visiting their farm : everything was enjoyable. Visiting Costales Nature Farms relived the Farmville life I was dreaming about.

Costales Nature Farms was established in 2005 and it was the first farm accredited by Department of Tourism. Aside from their organic vegetables and herbs, they are also producing organic chicken, eggs and pork. Their organic pork meat products will be available on market soon. WOW!

The Costales Nature Farms is a certified organic farm, with a certificate from  Negros Island Organic Certification Services (NICERT). They also using these farm practices: Vermisery (it is a vermiculture and seedling nursery-in-one), Greenhouse Production, Zero-waste farming, Automatic water sprinkler system, Mist-type irrigation (for the nursery) and Holistic approach (Multi-cropping, crop rotation, companion cropping, net bagging, beneficial insects, flowers and herbs, botanical spray).

Why Costales Nature Farm is #EnerosOnTheRoad Approved?

Farm-to-table Organic Foods

For the love of FOODS – Heavenly and guilt-less organic foods. This is the main reason why I love Costales Nature Farm. It feels like we traveled and stayed in our province, Pangasinan. Leaving in metro, we don’t always find fresh vegetables and fruits even in wet markets. Imagine eating fresh foods over the weekend, not just fresh but organic foods – all  from Costales Nature Farm.

Farm-to-table Culinary Fun Activities

  • Salad Making

Salad Making is the most colorful and my most enjoyable part of the culinary activities. It’s an easy and fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids. We, the Eneros will definitely be back when Eliana turned 4-5 years old. On this activity, we have prepared and made our own garden salad with their very own product “Costales Organic Vinaigrette”. Below is my version of vegetable salad, all organic and freshly picked from Costales Nature Farm.

Freshly harvested vegetables and fruits (even edible flowers) for our Garden Salad.

Our fresh garden salads. Who won the most beautiful plated presentation award?
  • Tea Making

Very #TeaTasofManila indeed. I am a coffeeholic, but just last year (before I entered my forever 30teen years… nyahaha) I started to become a tea lover. In this culinary activity, we have freshly picked herbs for our tea. We only need tarragon leaves , spearmint leaves, honey and hot water. Very simple yet one of my favorite activities in Costales Farm,  my husband and I even bought tarragon and spearmint before leaving the farm. I am using it now not only for our fresh pot of tea but also as herb-infused water, adds a refreshing taste and nutrients to our drinking water.

Fresh herbs and teapots

  • Healthy Juice Preparation

I love the Costales Nature Farm’s healthy and organic juices. No artificial flavorings, all natural and organic. In this culinary activity, we have prepared Kale Juice. And they also served us their famous “Sexy Juice”. From all the juices they have served during our stay, it is my instant fave. Sobrang sarap!

Sir Jess and Ms. Shaira demonstrating how to make healthy juices 

Costales Nature Farms’ Healthy Juices :

  • Japanese cucumber juice (Japanese cucumber ,calamansi and honey)
  • Iced tea with lemon (Lipton tea, spearmint, tarragon,  lemon and honey)
  • Calamansi juice (calamansi and honey)
  • Kale juice (kale, calamansi  and honey)
  • Banana kale smoothie (kale, saba, honey and milk)
  • Sexy juice (ashitaba, romaine lettuce, carrots, banana, Japanese cucumber, kale, tarragon,  calamansi and honey)

Costales Nature Farm’s Healthy Juices

Fun Farm Activities

There are a lot of fun farm activities that your family or even your friends can enjoy. We have experience vegetable harvesting, egg harvesting, animal feeding, seed sowing and transplanting. And to tell you honestly? I never get bored. Our Costales Nature Farms’ experience was a blast! We have learned a lot – everything in just two days.

Snip Snip Snip

Mission Accomplished

Buhay Farmville

Organic Chickens

Fresh munchies at Costales Nature Farms

Costales Nature Farms are conducting workshops and seminars about integrated organic farming techniques, EM technology and organic hog production. They also offers an internship program for an in-depth and hands-on experience. Internship Program is available anytime while the other workshops are for schedule. For schedule, kindly visit thier website.

  • Integrated Organic AgriTourism and EM Technology (3days 2 nights) – P8,228.00
  • Internship Program (6days 5nights) – P18,000.00
  • Farm Tourism Workshop (4 days) – P12,000.00

Fresh munchies at Costales Nature Farms

Whenever we are going to places, we usually have our favorite spot/s. And here in Costales Nature Farm, our favorite spots are the Nursery and Daddy’s Garden. The Nursery is where seedlings are propagated and grown until such time that they are readily transplanted to the ground.

The Nursery


Daddy’s Garden is where you can buy and  bring home potted plants. There are many plants from herbs  to ornamental plants. They are selling herbs like swissmint, spearmint, thyme, sweet basil and garlic chives for P50.00. They also have kale and beetroot for P35.00. There are a lot of medicinal plants too, I just learned that mayana plants are also a medicinal plants. They are selling many mayana plants varieties for P75.00. I am inlove in this place!

We have many FIRSTS in Costales Nature Farms that made this farm experience a memorable one. It was our first family farm experience : fishing, vegetable harvesting and animal feeding together. We really had fun even our little one. It was her first time to feed rabbits and she was so amazed. And yes, we were delighted seeing our first fish we have caught.

Animal feeding. Eliana loves rabbits. She insisted to feed them herself, but of course, with my assistance. 

Our first family fishing experience

Costales Nature Farms’ AgriTourism Tour

They are offering a day tour package and overnight stay.  AgriTourism Tour Packages starts from P275.00 (Lakbay Aral Tour) with inclusive vegetable snacks to P4,245.00 (Wellness Tour) this is an 3days 2 nights stay, inclusive accommodation and meals with trip to Liliw and Lucban. Other packages are “The Green Salad Tour”, “Lakbay Aral Tour with Lunch”, “The Green Living Tour” and “Life at the Farm Tour.”

With fellow Travel Bloggers. Photo Credit : Jeffrey Rilles of Traveling Morion

Farm Staycation : Kubo Accommodation with canopy beds

We stayed at Batangas Kubo. The Kubo has two single canopy bed, it was not spacious, but we were comfortable. It is a typical kubotype of accommodation, but it has a bathroom extension and most of all, HOT SHOWER. Wooohoo!

Costales Nature Farms’ Kubos

Our Batangas Kubo

My Canopy Bed

They also have kubo accommodation for bigger groups. Indeed a perfect farm life experience right? I love Costales Nature Farms! Sobra! Isa talaga akong tunay na probinsiya. Given a chance to live at a farm forever, I would trade it to our city life. Everything is here : from animal feeding to the farm-to-table (unlimited and organic)  foods. It was perfect simple life! It’s about time to escape from the busy city life and experience the AGRITOURISM.

Experience the agritourism and organic farming. Enjoy the freshness of nature. #EnerosOnTheRoad APPROVED! Visit Costales Nature Farms with your family and/or barkadas. Thank you Costales Nature Farms for the wonderful experience.

How to go to Costales Nature Farms?

Photo credit to Costales Nature Farms

L-R : Jeffrey Rilles of Traveling Morion, Ms. Shaira (our Costales Nature Farm’s guide), Milet Miranda of Project Gora, Leon Pangilinan Jr. of Tadonggeniuskuno,  Jherson Jaya of Lonely Travelogue, The Eneros, Billy Palantino of Galaero Escape Travels, Lana Caronongan of @binibining _margaret (Instagram) and Franco Ayson of Lagaw Travelogue. Photo Credit : Franco Ayson

Follow Costales Nature Farms on Facebook and Instagram. For bookings and reservations, you may contact them at (049) 5763824 or  book directly on their website.

For our Eneros’ Costales Nature Farms adventures, kindly check our hashtag #TheEnerosInCostales on Facebook and Instagram. And for our  family adventures on the road :  #EnerosOnTheRoad.  Till our next adventure.


Costales Nature Farms
Address : Costales Nature Farms Training Center, Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna
Phone: (049) 5763824
Website :

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