BDO Unibank has refreshed its website ( with a new look and interface, giving its clients a new way to explore the bank’s financial solutions. With a simple yet modern design that works on both desktop and mobile, it has never been easier for new and existing customers alike to find the card, digital product, promo, or service that is right for them.

The new website’s navigation allows customers immediate access to information, products, or features relevant to them, and makes it much easier to start or expand their relationship with the bank. Application forms made available in the website can be filled up completely online. Submission of required documents for some products can also be made online, which makes the entire application process seamless.

Roy Villareal, first vice president and head of BDO’s Digital Banking said, “Our objective has always been to make banking as easy and convenient as possible for the clients, and the refreshed website is among the key steps supporting that direction. Our customers will continue to see the improvements with a better experience across different banking applications in the coming months,”.

While continuously investing in digital technologies to meet the changing needs of its clients, BDO also recognizes the need to expand its network of branches and ATMs across the country to bring banking closer to communities.

“A huge part of the population still prefers to do physical banking as they wish to have person-to-person interaction, especially when dealing with complex financial transactions. We continue to provide access to whichever bank channel our clients prefer,” said Cora A. Mallillin, executive vice president and head of BDO’s Branch Banking. 

The bank has always stood by its mantra of “We find ways,” and with both the new website and an ever-expanding network of branches and ATMs, there are always more ways to get information about and transact with the bank. 

BDO hopes that by finding online and offline ways to be present, its customers can find products and services that will simplify and enrich not just their banking experiences, but other aspects of their lives in the process.

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