Every new year brings another hope, but ours were off to a not so good start… 

We celebrated our new year in Tagaytay. Everything was planned. We have booked our staycations at The Q Hotel, and we also planned our itineraries.  December 31, we set off to visit The GingerBread House and had lunch at Cheza’s Restaurant. After that we stayed in our hotel and waited for New Year’s Eve. We checked out early to avoid the crowd (as always, because we practice safe travels). We headed to The Windmill at Lausanne for lunch.



Everything went well. We never experienced the holiday traffic in Tagaytay. We arrived home early and we really had a blast. 

It then came, January 3. I experienced cough, fever and body pains. And because pandemic, I immediately isolated myself. I had that for two days! Until finally after two days, I only had a mild cough.  Being isolated for three days, I really felt sad. I thought I had COVID-19 virus. My other sibling, advised me just to isolate since I only had mild symptoms same as normal flu. (Trangkaso season nga naman!). 

Day 4, I’m feeling better! And thank God that I did, because my husband was not feeling well too! I saw his face (he was really not feeling well) and I knew, if I did not take care of our #littleEneros, it might became worst.  So, we decided with still our mask on, that he will isolate himself, and I take care our kids. 

After few days, our son had a fever, and the next day our daughter too! I thought being isolated was the worst feeling but taking care of our sick kids was definitely heart-breaking.  I barely had any sleep as I always alarm my cellphone hourly to check their temperature. I also immediately checked on their pedia. We were not advised to have to swab test (might because of the mild symptions).  And after 1-2 days, no more fever. They are feeling better and today, it is their last day to take their medicines. Yay!

We did not get COVID virus (I guess), but to be honest, I’m 100% sure because we just isolated ourselves. I just don’t want this to happen again.  It was a tough one, it was so difficult that it was just the four of us to take care of each other. I just realized how we are blessed with supportive extended families and friends who keep on checking us.

How we manage to overcome this?

  • Hot cup of water with turmeric powder + honey + squeeze of honey for Mr. Enero
  • Hot cup of water with Citron Honey for me (Thanks sibs Lana and Jherson for sending)
  • Vitamin C and Fruits! (Thank you Martirez family – Cha, BL and Alon for sending your love)
  • Suob or steam inhalation (with salt water)
  • Water water water. Need to hydrate!
  • Do not overthink, stress will weakens the immune system.
  • Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray!

Are we still going to travel soon? YES! We will go camping (again! hopefully soon) for now #TeamBahay muna especially that there’s a huge spike of COVID in our country again.  I hope, and I pray that this pandemic will end soon. I miss traveling and just going outside our house without our mask on. 

And also please stop SICK/COVID shaming. Stop shaming people for getting COVID. Some of my friends who are barely going outside still caught the virus. What the world needs now is humanity. Always be kind, it’s free! 

Thank you reading our story. Stay safe ALWAYS!

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