SKY Fiber subscribers can treat themselves to a holiday playing games on AirConsole Hero as SKY Fiber Freemiums extended subscribers’ FREE access to the gaming platform until April 7, 2022. 

Families can now choose from a wider selection of games since AirConsole Hero increased their premium library from 160 to over 180 online games. To play, subscribers also don’t have to shell out any expense given that they just need their smartphones as their controller and a computer web browser, Android TV, or tablet as their main screen.

“Let’s Cook Together” is one of the newly added games that will surely test the synergy between two people. Much like the holiday hustle and bustle of preparing a feast for several guests, the players will have to work together to serve all orders in their restaurant. New ingredients, appliances, and recipes that come up in the game will be a challenge so the two aspiring chefs need to strategize on how they can satisfy hungry customers.  

For families dreaming of a winter wonderland vacation, “Snowboard Buddies” can be a fun escape in the meantime. They get to enter vast snowy worlds and have an exhilarating snowboard racing experience. Along the way, each player can have their character try out various snowboarding tricks to earn exciting rewards.  

Experience an explosive party with family and friends when you play an addictive session of “Conduct Together!” which will be available on the gaming platform on December 16. As railroad conductors, players must quickly put their heads together in commanding the trains to avoid disastrous collisions. More puzzling railroads will pile on through the levels and the group’s teamwork will be tested each time. 

Add this new bonding experience to your festive celebrations for Christmas. Visit to learn more about the free access to AirConsole Hero, which is worth P249/month for non-SKY Fiber subscribers. New subscribers can immediately avail of this SKY Fiber Freemiums offering upon installation. 

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