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Dec 15, 2020 | #MrsEneroFinds, LOVE!, Parenting

I never settle for anything less most especially when it comes to the health of my kids. So whenever my kids are feeling under the weather, I always make to sure to make them feel better. And when it comes to fever, I only trust Tempra. I am a Tempra mom for years, that is why I always have Tempra Paracetamol at home.

Why I trust Tempra Paracetamol?

  • Tempra Paracetamol has No shake formula. Tempra contains 100% dissolved paracetamol in a no-shake formula syrup that ensures fast, convenient, and consistent.
  • Tempra Paracetamol has an Improved taste. When it comes to fever and pain medicine for our kids, we don’t need to settle for one benefit. We can have it all with Tempra Paracetamol —efficacy and flavor. It now comes in great tasting flavors of Strawberry and Orange syrup.

And here’s the good news! Tempra has a new partner in combating fever for kids – Tempra Cool Touch. Tempra Cool Touch has a 1- hours cooling effect, that sustained from night until morning. It is gentle on my kid’s skin and it has a refreshing mild menthol scent.

I am worry-free that knowing that these products complement each other. Tempra Paracetamol is for systemic medication and now with Tempra Cool Touch as an additional physical intervention in managing fever.

Basta lagnat, Tempra lang ang katapat! Tempra products are available in Watsons and South Star Drug branches nationwide.

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  1. Apple Chick

    Paracetamol TEMPRA is useful for reducing fever and for the temporary relief of minor aches, pains and discomfort associated with the common colds or flu, inoculations or vaccinations. What I love about Tempra Cool relief it is ideal partner for fever relief gentle on skin, Fragrance free, No coloring used and a Lasting cooling effect. I only trust paracetamol tempra for my baby.⭐


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