Be a Pearl of Hope: Nailaholics Celebrates the 5th Year of National Pampering Day

Oct 12, 2020 | #MrsEneroFinds, #PressRelease, LOVE!

Amidst the pandemic we, at Nailaholics, believe that 2020 is also an opportunity to be a “Pearl of Hope” for others. As one of the leading wellness brands in the country, it is our goal to inspire many to be of service to others, especially during these trying times. As we cope with the New Normal, this year’s National Pampering Day will be more intimate, but just as precious as our previous celebrations. 

With optimism, Nailaholics brings you its 5th annual National Pampering Day! The fun starts from October 8th, where we will hold an online donation drive via a social media raffle. One lucky winner will be awarded P5,000 cash plus many more exciting prizes. We will generously reward a helpful nailaholic for his/her good deed. This is Nailaholics’ contribution to encourage everyone to remain compassionate despite our current situation. 

Even during a pandemic, we can still have fun at the comfort of our homes. And so we will also embark on a socially-distanced yet fun-filled virtual Spa Party with our beloved influencers as they learn how to do DIY Pampering at home. Then, from October 17th to 31st, clients who visit our operating branches and donate to our beneficiary, will get to enjoy a FREE ORLY Polish Upgrade, 5-minute Hand or Foot massage, and a P50 off discount on their next visit. So much pampering rewards for all our generous clients! And of course, all the proceeds collected from these activities will be given to our partner beneficiary – Project PEARLS.   

Why Project Pearls? As we try to give importance to environmental sustainability through the years, we are aware that poverty and environment are closely interconnected. It is the poor that bears the great impact brought by environmental damage as they rely more on the environment for survival than wealth. Project Pearls is an organization that supports the poor communities with a mission to feed, educate, advocate and work for the basic human rights of the children living in poverty. The children are the hope of the future. They are precious and we need to take good care of them. 

Hand in hand, if we try with our simple ways to help save our environment, encourage and do more sustainable practices, and educate our kids to a create a healthier world, it is then that we try to lift our underprivileged neighbors. It is then we create a significant impression that we do care, not only for the environment but also for humanity. “We are grateful to all our loyal clients through the years and we truly hope we can ignite your compassionate hearts again this year. A simple act of kindness creates endless ripples and we dream that together we can make waves.” said Ms. Abby Borja, Head of Marketing, R2 Group of Exclusive Brands

So engage with us, support our cause, and have fun while doing something good for someone today. It’s good for you and good for the world. Together, let us #PamperForPearls!

Visit to check their services, find the branch nearest you, or book an appointment. Get updates through their Facebook Page Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spaand Instagram @nailaholicsph. For any questions please contact Nailaholics Brand Manager Ms. Marianne Diaz at [email protected]


  1. Michelle Vargas

    Happy national pampering super nice kasi makakatulong ka rin sa project pearls.Thank for this momsh

  2. Lyka (mitra) Baqueros

    Wow.. hindi ko po alam na may donation drive po pala ang Nailaholics at malaking tulong po ito sa mga matutulungan nila.. at may pa raffle pa po silang gagawin sa mga magdodonate at may pa extra service pa po sila..

    • Jeng Manalo

      Happy 5th anniversary nailaholics, daming ganap may donation drive pa more blessings.Ang saya naman ng pampering day

  3. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Happy 5th year pampering anniversary sa Nailaholics more blessing pa po sa inyo

    • Graz Covz Guyle

      Happy Anniversary Nailaholics! God bless you more on your good deeds!

      • Apple Chick

        Happy 5th anniversary Nailholics “Pearl of Hope” for others. As one of the leading wellness brands in the country. We love to support tgis kind of program that shows an act of kindness. More power.♡

  4. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Happy 5th year national pampering day Nailaholics

  5. Twinmama Sarah

    Wow this is so nice.You get a chance to pamper yourself and at the same time help their project.Kudos to nailaholics for bringing this kind of event. Would gladly support this campaign.Thanks for sharing Mommy Angel.


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