Baby diapers and baby wipes are every mom’s life-saver, you can never have too many of these. Indeed the baby essentials that every mom-on-the-go should have on hand.  These are the practical gifts you can give to your soon-to-be-moms. Recently, I have discovered a new diaper and wipes brand – Playful.

What I like about Playful Diapers?

  • Side Leak Guard. It is a built-in system in Playful Diapers, which effectively stops leakage on the side. BIG yes to fewer blowouts and no leaks.
  • It has aloe-vera and Vitamin E that minimize the possibility of nappy rash and keep baby’s skin healthy.
  • It has breathable cover – Playful Baby Diaper has an exceptional design combining soft, cottony cover with breath ability  which makes it comfortable. It is  so comfortable wearing it, as it does not trap heat and moisture that give my baby all-day and night-long comfort. It allows soft brushing against my baby’s delicate skin – NO diaper rash – happy baby, happy mama!
  • It has diamond embossed channel that gives additional comfort.
  • It has an odor control-system that is designed specially for efficient absorption to prevent the release of ammonia and maintain wellness to baby’s skin. This feature made it unique from other diaper brands.
  • Cute design. I just love the cute bear prints!

Playful Baby Diapers has two variants Active Clothlike and DRY with EZ Tape.

What I like about Playful Wipes?

  • It is hypoallergenic and gentle to baby’s skin.
  • Anti-bacterial. It is safe to use in our baby’s skin, no need to use hand soap or sanitizer.
  • It has Aloe-vera and Vitamin E – these are natural moisturizers that keep baby’s skin moisturized and healthy.
  • Alcohol and Fragrance FREE. Standard wipes contain a variety of harsh chemicals that you may not want to rub all over your little one’s skin.
  • It has thick and soft sheets. But even it is thick, it is made with soft sheets that are gentle to our baby’s skin. It has soft yet durable sheets. It is durable enough to clean up the messiest baby during diaper change time.
  • Economical. The price of Playful Baby wipes are almost the same as other baby wipes found at the grocery stores.

Playful Baby Wipes comes in 30’s, 55’s and 90’s packs.

Playful diapers and wipes are definitely bringing fun to kids and mums. These are available online via LAZADA and SHOPEE. For more details : Follow Playful diapers and wipes on Facebook and Instagram.

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