I’m a mom and multi-tasking is one of my superpowers. But having a baby comes with its own special set of challenges.  I don’t have a helper, and I must admit sometimes I find it hard to do multi-tasking right now because I have a baby. I always need to check on my baby from time to time. Good thing I have discovered an audio baby monitor – TimeFlys Crown Audio Baby Monitor. A baby monitor can definitely keep you from running to the nursery every  minutes to take a look at your baby.


TimeFlys was created in 2002 by a single father named Jack who took care of 2 kids. Jack’s company has supplied 5 million set baby monitors under various brands to all over the world since 2011. Their mission is to offer high quality and reliable baby monitors with excellent service. The company is based in Niagra Falls, NY.


Why TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor is MrsEnero Approved?

  • It is a two-way communication. Within the range of 150 feet inside the house and 1000 feet outdoor, you can communicate with your baby or toddler at everywhere anytime. This is my favorite feature of TimeFlys Baby Monitor because I can do multi-tasking and do household chores while my baby is asleep. I  use it just like  a walkie-talkie, in that way I can also talk to my husband who’s at the other side of our house.


  • It has FHSS Digital Technology. TimeFlys baby monitor apply FHSS digital technology to provide an interference-free environment to ensure a crystal clear sound be transmitted. It has 36 digital channels, you won’t miss any voice of your kids/toddlers.


  • It has passed several Safety Standard Certifications.
  • It is digital . It has a LCD display that displays the temperature monitor in Celsius. Yes, this device also monitors the temperature of the nursery.


  • It can play lullabies while the baby is asleep. It has 8 music lullabies.


  • It has a remote control night light. This nightlight feature  gives off a soothing glow. You can turn the light on and off from the parent unit.
  • Parent unit has a  paging function with vibration alert.


  • It has smart and simple design. I love its beautiful sleek and compact design.
  • It is lightweight and has a belt clip on the parent unit that helps you to bring it along in the house while the baby is asleep. I love this feature because I have a baby and an older daughter to care for.


  • It has long operating time. It could operate up to 15 hours with the included rechargeable battery after a single charge. There will be automatic alarm from parent unit when low battery or out of range.

With all the above mentioned,  TimeFlys audio baby monitor gives me that extra reassurance that most moms want – child’s safety. TimeFlys audio baby monitor is allowing me to get more things done around the house while my baby is asleep. It can be anything from working on my blog to the laundry.  And remember, a superwoman also needs an extra pair of hands.

TimeFlys Baby Monitor is available at Babymama, The Parenting Emporium and Rustans. It is also available online at The Nest Manila and Knots&Pans.

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