In its latest TV commercial, McDonald’s does not just make me craved for my favorite McDonald’s burger and fries but also touches my heart.  It is all about a dad and mom trying to keep everything’s quiet so that their twins won’t wake up, until they decided to order McDonald’s meal via McDelivery. Relate much ka rin ba? 

We don’t have a twin, but this reminds me of our first year of parenting. It was never an easy job, no “couple time” and no “me time” at all. I can’t remember having a decent date together during our first year of parenting.  Our simple date night was when our daughter was already slept. My husband will order our favorite McDonald’s meal through phone, while I’ll just set up my laptop and play “Harry Potter movie series” that’s it! That’s our movie date.


And now that we are expecting for next bundle of you – #littleEnero2, I know that there will be no hungry moments. It is more convenient now – just tap your favorite McDonald’s meal and they’ll deliver.


McDelivery knows the hardship of parenting. Ordering made easy with McDelivery! Order anytime through! Here’s the full video :

McDelivery knows.

You tap, we deliver. Ordering made easy with McDelivery! Order anytime through!

Posted by McDonald's on Friday, August 10, 2018

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