Being an IT professional and now full time millennial mom, I love and embraced technology. Technology makes our life a lot easier. That is why when I became a mom, instead of using the traditional way sterilizing bottle – that is boiling, we bought an electric steam sterilizer. And just when I thought it was the best, Haenim Smart Sterilizer was introduced to me. And here’s my Haenim Home Experience.

Sharing with you my first vlog – the unboxing of Haenim UV Sterilizer

Why Haenim UV Sterilizer is MrsEnero Approved?

  • Bluetooth System. It is the first sterilizer to incorporate a bluetooth system. Yes mommies, you can control your sterilizer using the Haenim App that is available in play store.  Haenim Smart Sterilizer empowers us moms to access and monitor the temperature, mode, timer, UV lamp usage and a lot more in our hands. This is my favorite function of Haenim Smart Sterilizer, every mom will definitely agree.

  • Convenient. Large capacity and Cost Effective
    • It has a BIGGER size compartment that can allocate more than 16 baby bottles. Capacity and Capability at its best! Bigger compartments for larger toys too! Yes, Haenim Smart Sterilizer can sterilize almost all kinds of product with UV, from baby essentials, toys,  and even electronic device.  Very convenient as I can sterilized more toys at a time because of its bigger size.
    • It saves a lot power needed to drying and sterilizing compare to those known steamers based products. It only takes 80 watts  for drying function and 15 watt for sterilizing function.

  • Touch Button System. It has touch button system for easy use  : Auto, UV, Dry and Storage.
    • Auto Mode provides both drying and sterilizing at the same time. It has 3 cycles to control the duration depending upon the quantity of items you want to be sterilized.
    • UV Mode provides the sterilization function.
    • Drying  Mode provides the drying and ventilation function that eliminates the unwanted odors. Also has 3 cycles.
    • Storage Mode – and because Haenim is a Smart Sterilizer, it has this Storage Sterilization System. This function is used to set the sterilizer to sterilize every 2 hours for up to 8 hours.

  • Two-Step Drying. Haenim Smart Sterilizer has a powerful drying system. It has Far Infrared Lamps that decreases drying time and PTC heater that prevents over-heating. It also has Dual Fan System that dries object and eliminates odor. Haenim Smart Sterilizer has saved me a lot of time and effort to sterilize my daughter’s bottles and toys – with literally no more wet bottles after sterilizing.

  • Dual UV Sterilization. Haenim Smart Sterilizer has a Dual UV Lamp that provides a wider and more powerful range to effectively eliminate 99.9% of E. Coli that normally causes diarrhea and other sickness.

  • Ease of Use.
    • It is portable, being the first and only Smart Sterilizer in the Philippines and being a waterless system, we can place it anywhere in the house.  Whether they are looking for a classic design or a pop of color, there’s a Haenim for every home.
    • It has a unique treated glass door that help to prevent UV rays from leaking out. And not only that, it also comes with a special magnetic detector. This means that the UV function will be automatically OFF once the door is open.
    • It has timer and temperature indicator that display that shows the time left and internal temperature.
    • Door Design. I just love the 180º full door swing design of Haenim Smart Sterilizer, wherein you can conveniently take in and out the items to be sterilized.

With all the above mentioned functions, what’s not to love? This is the BEST SMART STERILIZER EVER! Experience Haenim Home and experience comfort at home. Follow Haenim on Facebook and Instagram.

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