The coconut is often called as “The Tree of Life” because every bit of the coconut is used. Coconut oil is being used in many natural beauty products because aside  from it is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal, it is a good source of moisturizer.

COCOLINE Naturals are Virgin Coconut Oil based products with  paraben-free ingredients. Paraben is known in preservatives in cosmetic products and can easily penetrate the skin. Some research that detected breast cancer tissues that is possibly an association between paraben in cosmetics and cancer.

I have learn that COCOLINE Naturals is a Personal Care brand of COCO HEALTHPRODUCTS INC. that aims to :

• Provide better Health & Beauty alternatives in personal care that will delight the modern consumers through sight, smell, and feel
• Increase awareness on the importance of using Natural Ingredients in products
• Create a local trend of real World Class quality product not only in looks, but also in a formulation
• Compete in the world mass-market arena with the credibility of the Quality of Coconuts
• Help our economy and grow the Philippine Coconut industry

COCOLINE Naturals have two variants, the Intensive Moisturizer and the Triple Whitening in lotion, body wash and beauty bar.

I have started using the Triple Whitening lotion, body wash & beauty soap a few weeks ago, and I love the immediate visible whiter effect on my skin, because it has kojic acid that naturally whitens skin. I love most the Triple Whitening body wash because aside  from the fresh papaya scents, it has papaya enzymes that exfoliate dead skin cells for a visible whiter, soften and smoothen skin. It also has Vitamin C, which is known as anti-oxidant that helps lighten my dark spots.  And this is also perfect as summer essentials because if has SPF10 that protects our skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun.

The Intense Moisturizing also has lotion, body wash and beauty bar. This is good for those who have dry skin type, it has hyrolyzed milk protein that naturally hydrates and moisturizes for extra soft and smooth skin.  In addition, it has licorice extracts that gently calm irritated skin and lighten blemishes.

And because it’s my birthday month, I want my readers to experience the beautifully moisturized skin by COCOLINE naturals. And luckily, COCOLINE naturals will be giving away COCOLINE naturals’ gift pack to 2 of my readers/ I’ll be choosing one from my Facebook page and one from my Instagram.

Giveaway Mechanics :

  1. Follow MrsEnerodiaries (@mrsEnerodiaries) on Instagram and Facebook
  2. Repost the giveaway photo on Facebook or Instagram (photo below ; can also found on my FB & IG post).
  3. Caption photo with : “Happy 30teen @mrsenerodiaries #mrsEnerodiariesXcocoline #giveawayph Check out her giveaway @FBfriend1 @FBfriend2 on F acebook or @IGfriend1 @IGfriend2 on Instagram
  4. Tag 2 Facebook or Instagram on the giveaway photo on my Facebook page or Instagram

Promo details :

  1. Mechanics above should be follow
  2. Please make sure that your Facebook post or Instagram account is set to public
  3. The giveaway will run until April 17, 2017 (my birthday)
  4. The giveway will closed on the midnight of April 17, 2017 and the winner will be announced on Wednesday (April 19 , 2017). Because I’m on my birthday getaway, I’ll give my best to announced it on the date stated.
  5. Open to all Philippine residents only.

Good luck everyone!

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