When I heard about Tupperware  Brands, products for food storage and cookware first entered my mind. According to their website, it was  December 2005 that Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation.They sell products under seven brands consisting of Tupperware, which represents food preparation, storage and serving solutions for the home, and six brands of beauty and personal care products including Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, and Nuvo.

What I love about Baby Care Plus +  is the freshly powdery scent that really that not also enjoyed by babies but us mommies too. Right now, I am using Baby Care Plus products to my little one and so far I’m a happy mama. My daughter always smells fresh and it is hypoallergenic that does not harm my little one’s sensitive skin.

For bath time essentials :

The Baby Care Plus + Shampoo has Cetiol Conditioners that moisturized baby’s hair and scalp preventing dryness, leaving haor soft, silky and freshly fragrant. The Baby Care Plus +Bath has Lamesoft Skin Protector that forms a natural barrier around skin that protects while cleansing for softer, smoother skin.

After bath time essentials :

The Baby Care Plus + Lotion has 24Hr locked in Moisturizers and Vitamin E that locks in moisture and leaves baby’s skin feeling velvety smooth and soft all day. The Baby Care Plus + Cologne has Hydraplus Formula with moisturizers to help prevent dryness leaving baby’s skin soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. The Baby Care Plus + Powder has Allantoin that works as an anti-irritant to soothe baby;s skin while keeping it fresh and dry.

What I love most about the Kids Plus+ is delightful packaging, reminds me of my little one’s favorite bath time rubber duckies (teehee).

For bath time essestials :

The Kids Plus + Shampoo has Puricare & Cetiol Conditioners that deposit a film-like protective layer over hair while moisturizing kid’s hair and scalp. The Kids Plus + Bath has Plantapon Skin Cleanser that gently removes dirt and cleans kid’s skin and hair while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturized.

After bath time essentials :

The K ids Plus + Lotion has Netapure & 24 Hour locked-in moisturizers that locks in moisture and protects kid’s skin from pollution leaving skin soft and smooth. The Kids Plus + Cologne has Hydraplus Formula & 3Hour fragrance, also with moisturizers that help prevents dryness and keep kids smelling fresh for up to 3 hours. The Kids Plus + Powder has Allantoin that prevents irritation and inflammation while soothing kid’s skin and keeping it fresh and dry.

For both playtime and bath time, it offers protection for our kid’s skin. It is hypoallergenic and with mild pH-balanced formula that won’t irritate our kid’s skin. Plus + it has fruity fragrance scents.

Tupperware Brands also has for us mommies : Mom Plus +. The Mom Plus + products include Mom Plus + Stretch Mark Cream, Soothing Relief Balm and Ultra Moisturizing Bar.  I love the fragrance of Mom Plus + products, especially the Ultra Moisturizing Bar. It softens and refreshes my skin leaving it soft and smells fresh.  I am currently using the Stretch Mark Cream, I can’t wait to see the effect of my everyday use. The Mom Plus + Stretch Mark Cream reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and increases firmness.

Thank you so much Tupperware Brands Ph for sending this useful package. To know more about their products, you may visit their website.



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