Protect your family for great days ahead with special offers on Abbott’s Super Brand Day on Shopee this June 24

I am glad that after months at home, families are eagerly looking ahead to new experiences – children are going back to school, parents are returning to work, and grandparents are meeting up with old friends. Let’s take the first step towards living life to the fullest by giving yourself and your family the nutrients we need because the health and safety of ourselves and our family are always our top priority.

Abbott is committed to helping families live life to the fullest. They understand that the first step towards this is good health. That’s why they have designed their science-backed nutrition innovations to maintain our family’s health at every stage of life, so everyone can live their best lives.

Abbott brands such as Ensure, Glucerna, Similac Gainschool and Pediasure Plus, empowered us, parents with the knowledge that they are providing the best health and nutrition for their family:

And I am happy that with Shopee, I can easily stock up and get the best deals on Abbott brands. Protect your family for great days ahead with special offers on Abbott brands up to 30% off, free shipping, flash sales, get up to 2-3 gifts, and a chance to win an IPAD AIR. Check out these Abbott’s Exclusive Family Bundles this Shopee Super Brand Day this June 24 :

Don’t forget to Follow Abbott Philippines on Shopee to check out their exclusive deals and discount vouchers. Happy shopping!

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